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Thos two look fine to me. Older dooneys usually have 4 ,5 or 6 brass feet. All the other signs -- the zipper and the way it's attached at the ends to the bag are classic older Dooney.
my mother has bags that look just like that, and i'm thinking that red white and blue tag on the inside is something i've seen before. i'm going to go through the pages and see what the complaints where that they recieved, but so far it looks good to me.

they don't accept paypal!

it seems that all of the complaints so far are totally buyer induced... i'd say GO for it as that one bag is just ADORABLE! soooo classy and timeless!
i'm not NOT bidding on this but i think it's fake, that metal thing is just not happening... i totally think this is fake!

am i completley wrong? i don't know, i've just never seen that metal plate with the duck... and it says dooney bourke, no &.... nothing... i've never seen a real bag labeled like that... the price tag thingy looks real but that metal plate??? does anyone have a bag with that on it? educate me!!!! lol
^^I actually think that's real, I have seen metal plates on the croc-embossed bags. Plus, I have seen a bunch of the croc bags at TJMaxx lately.
^^I actually think that's real, I have seen metal plates on the croc-embossed bags. Plus, I have seen a bunch of the croc bags at TJMaxx lately.

if you go and see some croc bags, compare and see if the plates look like that... i know metal detailing on dooneys aren't thin, and that plate looks thin and chinsy to me is all. i could be completley wrong i'm just trying to learn at this point lol! i'd like to know enough to be able to help ppl in the future :yes:
Batgirl0711, The Dooneys in your auction look great to me. The tag, pockets and strap attachments look good. The strap with the shoulder bag, equestrian it is called, is fake however. Dooney doesn't put rivets on regular width straps.They do put rivets with domes on one side on the narrow straps for wallets on a string if you have seen those.

Warning, the satchel has a brass zipper and the opening is stiff so if you happened to have a horrible scratch from a rose thorn on the side of your hand you would not be happy using this satchel. Not speaking from personal experience or anything. I sold my satchel like this one because of that scratch and zipper.

Oh, I am so happy! A Dooney forum! I only know about the AWL collection and have had oodles of them over the years.