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  1. Sorry I wasn't clear. It's authentic. I wouldn't give it a Coach "name" if it was a counterfeit.

  2. DemRam is all you need.
  3. It looks like a style called a Shoulder Sac, style number 9730, and it probably would have been made some time between maybe 1985 and 1987.
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    The letter at the end of the serial number usually just means that it was made for a specific Retailer. I can't see the listing since apparently you have to sign in to the site.

    The bag should look like this - if it does, let me know and I'll check further.
    14473_SIGNATURE BROOKE-bkhbz_a0.jpg
  5. Oooh, okay, thank you! I am still learning :blush:
  6. Please authenticate:

    Item: Burnt Orange crescent bag

    Item: Mahogany Bucket
    Comments: Any idea the name of this bag?

    Item: Beekman Briefcase

    Item: Camel Tribeca Tote

    Item: Camel Equestrian Slim Bucket

    Thank you! Any additional information about the bags is always appreciated :smile:
  7. Thanks!!!
  8. Item: City Bag, I hope!
    Seller: Goodwill
    Listing #: NA
    Comments: She's a bit of a hot mess, but hoping she's authentic. Only $7. :smile:
    image-2926753683.jpg image-3887480038.jpg
  9. Thank you. Then it was made in New York.
  10. Got this pic of a bag a friend is selling. I don't think it's authentic but she insists. Can someone please let me know for sure? Thanks!!!
  11. We need a clear readable photo of the creed patch and serial number from inside the bag to do any authentication. Thanks!
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    That's what it says on the creed stamp. Any Coach made in 1987 (give or take a few months either way) or earlier would have been made in NYC.
  13. As long as it's the right size, that's the only thing it could be, and it looks genuine. Very late 1980s probably.
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