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  1. Thanks BB ;)
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  3. I'm brand new here - so I hope I do this right...

    I am posting a bag for authentication/identification that I have owned since 2006, purchased at an estate sale in Florida (for $2.00).

    It is a double flap, turnlock, double skinny shoulder bag.
    Approx. 9.5" at widest point on flaps, 6.5" high and about 4" deep.
    Drop from shoulder is about 14"
    I found a match for it on eBay in 2008 (rie1234), posting gone now (sigh!), that indicated there should be a Coach metal logo under inside one side.

    Could I be so lucky? I look forward to everyone's expert input...
  4. The pictures are too blurry and inadequate for authentication.

    Clear closeup pics are needed of the creed patch, the horse and carriage logo plaque, the hangtags and the inside of the wallet.

    But what I find more interesting is that your local Coach store referred you to tPF?

    ETA: Ugh! Seller has "New without tags" in the item specifics yet admits to using the items. They are NOT new and should not be listed as such!!
  5. Thank you so much! :smile:
  6. You're welcome. :smile:
  7. Hello Hyacinth, :ty: ,appreciated!
  8. Thank you so much BeenBurned!
  9. Are there any stamps or logos of any kind on the inside? If it's the same style and age as one that Rie1234 had, it may be too old even to have a serial number.

    Coach has made other double-sided bags but I haven't seen this one before. Maybe another poster will recognise it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.