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  1. You won't believe this-- I confronted the seller and opened a dispute with paypal and the seller refunded me within 10 minutes! I told them I will refuse delivery, but I think to be safe, I will go ahead and accept shipment and then immediately ship it back with signature confirmation so that there is NO question I returned it. It makes me so sad that there is so much fraud going on with ebay. I don't think I will bother looking for coach on ebay anymore. This is the SECOND time I've been sold a fake! I should have learned my lesson the first time. :sad:
  2. I think I spot the difference!! I have started a CC dispute with my CC company. Started the Paypal dispute process confronting the seller, and as soon as Ebay allows it start there (I have to wait 10 days). I'll report back how it goes. This was my own stupid fault, but I can't complain too much. I have been on Ebay since 2000 with hundred of purchases. This was my first bad one. From now on wallets come from stores!

  3. Yes, I do live in Canada. I'm sad that there are no outlets here, and I hope they do put them here one day. I'm about 2-3 hours away from the border.. and plan on going sometime this summer.. so hopefully when I do, there will be REALLY good deals! I will definitely put my location in my profile!

    Thanks so much for all your help Hyacinth & starrymaz as always! I really appreciate it!! =D

    P.S I won that brown soho bag for 65 including shipping.. NWOT! I hope that's an awesome deal!!! lol
  4. This is advertised as a large slingpack w/a long strap. I have never seen this particular style before? It looks like a sig stripe tote to me? Is this authentic, and does someone have a no.# for it? Waiting for more pics from the seller (hopefully)
    Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Hyacinth ...I am trying to learn to spot these. You said this was fake, and an easy one

    Can you point me to a real one so I can see if I can find the red flag please? I can't for the life of me see it unless I am comparing it to another fake ;)

  6. Can you pls check these out. I'm about to pay but will hold off until I hear more from you experts. Thanks.

Thread Status:
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