Authentic Jimmy Choo Finds: reputable retailers, e-tailers boutiques, outlets or eBay

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    The clutch was $209 would've got it myself but I always get colors other than black.


  2. I bought it!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
  3. The Jimmy Choo Roxie M in Black is on auction tonight at 7P ET at . They claim that authentication papers are included.
  4. This is fake :tdown:
  5. Hi, My SA has a Large Black Nica $1895 on sale for $749!! (Love the chains!)
    Please PM me for SA info if you're interested.
  6. My SA said she's taking wishlists for when her designer handbags go on sale in May-June PM me if your interested!
  7. You don't have enough posts to allow members to pm you ;)