As promised, Cartier goodies from Sak's Double on Double Promo ^0^

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  1. Congrats!! I want the charity bracelet so badly, none available at my local boutique.....
  2. Congratulations -- beautiful pieces!
  3. Love the bracelet! Amazing deal! I wish I knew Saks carried Cartier jewelry as well as watches.
  4. Congrat's, everything is beautiful!
  6. Ooooo, Very NICE!! Congrats on your gorgeous jewelry!! :biggrin:
  7. Hi Classic Chic - Did you put your Love bracelet on yet? I have to take mine off soon because I don't want to wear through airport. But I know that I will miss it greatly. I'm always the one to buy new things and save them. But this time I began wearing on the day I bought it and its been on for 6 days now! There is a couple scratches between the 2nd and 3rd screw on top and so far - none on the bottom. I am very careful not to let it hit when I'm on the computer. Maybe I'll take it off next week and get it back on after my two trips.
  8. it's better late than never, I love Sak and their points system :yes:

    The promo was Double on Double, form 10-1 to 10-4, a nation wide promo. Basically you get the 'points' 4 times more than regular purchase, thus it turns to a big GC at the end of year. Saks has been trying to boost the sale w/different promo lately, and this is one of their new promo.
  9. i have a desk job, so I'm afraid to wear it....perhaps til the holiday so co workers won't start staring at them :P Please let me know if it sets off the alarm at airport, I'm going to Vegas the week of Thanksgiving hehe. Just saw the news LAX have those new sensitive security, that can tell if you have a hip replacement or breast implant :faint:
  10. Oooh congrats - what a haul !
  11. OMG!!!! Everything is TDF!!!!! Congrats
  12. I love everything you bought. Enjoy!!! :ps:
  13. love every piece of jewelry!
  14. Definitely love all the pieces.
  15. Love everything!