As promised, Cartier goodies from Sak's Double on Double Promo ^0^

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  1. Sorry for the delay, I barely had time to pick it up last week. Here are some pix of the goodies, thanks to Sak's good promo, I was able to get it tax free and a total of $1260 GC back :yahoo: Who say there's no deal w/Saks:graucho: It's the YG plain bracelet in size 17 (i'll leave the diamond version for SO to upgrade lol), and two Charity bracelet, both are RG w/single diamond. It suppose to come with one additional cord, but my fantastic SA was able to get 2 additional cords :yes: Yet now I feel silly to get two of the same thing; i tought the cords are special from Cartier, had I known it's just regular cord, I would've order only one and get the other cords from Michaels :shame:

    The Tiffany Key and chain are from Tiffany store, wish Saks carry it so I can get them on discount too lol.





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  2. Ahhhhhh I love them ll
  3. than you J ^0^ but I'm too scare to wear it, the bracelets just sits on the box lol.
  4. i lvoe the chairty ones.. i always wanted one..

    as gfor the love i know how u feel i got mine for weddin anni and wore it for a motnth then took it off then got preggers and never put it on again.. i dont want to scartch it all up.. hubby not happy obviously hehe
  5. Classic Chic - congratulations on your beautiful Cartier bracelets. So you are not wearing them?! I actually left the store wearing mine. And I never do that with anything new. It has been on for 5 days now and there are 2 little scratches on top. They're more noticeable under certain lighting. My bottom is perfect. My size 17 can be turned while it is on me. So I guess I can spin it around (it won't turn by itself) if the top continues to get much more scratched while the bottom does not. Put those Loves on and enjoy them!!!
  6. ^oh hon, i've already scratched it trying to open one of the screws :upsidedown: Guess it scared me so it's still sitting in the box lol.
  7. Scratches are a way of life sadly. The first one sucks but then you get past it.

    I love those charity bracelets.
  8. Love all of your things. Post modeling pics when you finally wear it. Great deals too
  9. Just put my new wedding band on and am paranoid about scratching it!! I guess you get over it...

    Congrats they are gorgeous!! You could layer the two charity ones - or wear one on a chain as a pendant!
  10. Beautiful's a shame that you're not wearing them already! Break them out!
    Enjoy them!
  11. oh, they're all so gorgeous! i'm so happy for you, however, i'd be much happier if they were modeling pics on your wrist instead of in the box.

    remember this, op, life is short. therefore, you shouldn't waste precious time leaving them in the box, but on your wrist instead. i couldn't wait to put my love bangle on the minute it arrived. i went upstairs and told my husband he needed to screw it on himself. i wouldn't have it any other way.

    yes, it gets scratched, just like everything else. nothing can be brand spankin' new. you try, but inevitably you can't have everything perfect.

    put it on, girlfriend, and enjoy it! it's what it's meant to be worn for.
  12. love it all! and the Tiffany key.. I'm obsessed with those right now.
  13. LOVE your Cartier purchases, especially the charity bracelets! I've been wanting one for so long .. did I read in another thread that they can be ordered tax free from a Saks store in Florida?

    Enjoy and wear them in good health! :smile:
  14. love them..
  15. Please put on that bracelet and post modeling pictures! We're all so anxious to see it on you.