Artois MM vs. St Louis GM vs. Neverfull MM

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Which bag would you recommend?

  1. St Louis GM

    11 vote(s)
  2. Artois MM

    31 vote(s)
  3. Neverfull MM

    13 vote(s)
  1. I think the LV is definitely the best all rounder in terms of quality and durability, it really is a great bag. But, like you mention, everybody has one. Maybe go for the LV in a different material like the Epi?
    I much prefer Goyard as a brand but I feel the the SL is a bit too flimsy for everyday use and as others mention, doesn't tend to stand up that well over time
    My choice would be the Artois. More structured and robust than the SL and far less common than the LV
  2. How much is it to have the leather corners? Does it have to show wear for goyard to add that feauture? I wouldnt mind paying erxtra to add leather before any damage were to occur...TIA!
  3. I am in the same boat. I am trying to decide between the Artois MM and a Neverfull MM. I am leaning towards a Neverfull right now, although I originally wanted an Epi Neverfull, I think the Damier Ebene is better for traveling and it is waterproof.
    Have you made your decision yet?
  4. They quoted me $450 for the leather corners but I was insistent that they comp the repair charge as I barely used the bag before it developed a hole in the corner.
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    I have the neverfull and SL GM. I stopped using the Neverfull as you mentioned, everyone has one and to be honest, I like to be an outlier. I also researched for hours about the SL and read the horror stories but decided to bite the bullet anyway. I have had my GM for one year, I have used it consistently 3-4 times a week since last May. My straps are in great condition and no holes at the corners. I do not baby my bags, but I do not batter them either. I did not care for the full slouch so I have a felt organizer which keeps the bottom half semi-structured and the top just enough slouch. I resolved myself that if I get holes, I will get the corners reinforced. I use it for work and travel and can fill to the top without being too heavy and straps remain comfortable at the shoulder. No complaints here.
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  6. Just like you i researched and researched and a lot of the same things came up , corner wear and handles. But this gives me hope! I know i didnt make the wrong decision and I kinda wanna buy another one in a sepcial color lol.
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  7. I am planning to get the iena for travel too. How’s your bag holding up? Is it good for travel? Any corner wear?
  8. I have the LV Iena, and use it for my daily work bag and sometimes for travel as well.

    Now I am looking for to get Artois MM, but still debating myself if I should get St Louis GM instead. I know PM is too small
  9. I don’t own any Goyard bags atm, good luck whatever you decide. You’re lucky your graceful has no corner, I’ve noticed a little in mine but not really bothered coz I don’t really resell my bags. I still want the iena though. Would you recommend it? Pls do tell me whatever cons you can tell me about the iena mm. And pros too! [emoji5][emoji5]
  10. I really like the Iéna MM, it’s perfect size, not too big not too small, the zipper component in the front gives extra space to slip in cellophane. My 15” laptop can even fit in if I don’t carry the laptop cover. Inside there are 3 open components. The shoulder strap size is also perfect. The only cons I can think about is it is not. Very fashionable bag, little boring diaper bag. That’s why I want a Goryard Artois, LOL
  11. Lol! People say the iena is prettier in person than in pictures. I’ve been to 2 LV shops recently (one in Scotland and one in Marbella,Spain) and both stores didn’t have the iena. Really wanted to try it on. Its not actually been made to be a diaper bag though is it?
  12. Learned a lot from this thread. I have 43NF MMs (one in each) and have had the DE for 11 years. I use it pretty much every day. I am hoping to get a St. Louis GM but trying to figure out when I am able to get to San Fran or Chicago. I was hoping to use it as an every day bag to switch out with the NFs but I guess I will have to be a little more careful since it sounds like they aren't as durable as the LV canvas.
  13. I have the neverfull MM and love it. Bought a SL PM but strap drop was too short and I didn’t really like the bags shape - too wide or something. Changed it for an Anjou GM and I am obsessed. Best bag ever. Big but the empty parts are soft and just fold easily against your body, plenty of room, reversible and feels like top notch quality, so gorgeous with the leather inside
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  14. Just got my iena mm in de! So happy with it can’t wait to start using it. Only thing is I thought it would be bigger? Hopefully it fits a lot!
  15. It does. I have one and I do love it.
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