Artois MM vs. St Louis GM vs. Neverfull MM

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Which bag would you recommend?

  1. St Louis GM

    15 vote(s)
  2. Artois MM

    38 vote(s)
  3. Neverfull MM

    17 vote(s)
  1. After countless hours of research and many late nights, I am still unable to make a decision and finally decided to reach out to you experts for help.

    I am looking for a tote bag that will serve as an everyday bag, work bag, and travel bag. I have gone to the Goyard and LV stores to look at the bags in person and found pros/cons for all of them.

    Artois MM
    • This is the perfect size. I found that the St Louis PM was too small and GM was too large. The Artois MM was perfectly in-between.
    • I like that the corners are reinforced with leather and that the straps are said to be more durable than the SL.
    • I also like that it has a zipper on top for when I travel and need to store it under the airplane seat or keep it closed for security reasons.
    • I am wondering once you put your stuff inside, will the bag be very heavy?
    • Since it is so structured, I would not be able to fold it up inside my luggage.
    • Significantly more expensive
    St Louis GM
    • This is the bag that I initially wanted. I like the relaxed/slouchy look of this bag. It will be much more suited as a travel bag because you can throw everything in here. It would also be able to fold up inside my luggage if needed. I imagine this bag will replace my Longchamp.
    • It is extremely large but I am hoping that with use as the bag becomes more slouchy, it will look more natural and better fitted to my body. The PM size was just way too small and the handle drop would not be able to get over your shoulder if you are wearing a coat.
    • I keep seeing horror stories of how the corners of the St Louis get holes and the handles have been cracking. When I asked the SA she rolled her eyes and said this is because the SL is not meant to be an everyday bag but everyone uses it as one.... But for the price it doesn't seem justifiable.
    Neverfull MM
    • Everyone that has this bag tells me how sturdy and reliable this bag is. No holes, no straps breaking.
    • Perfect size for me and will meet all my needs
    • Literally everyone has this bag

    If you own any or all of these bags please give me your two cents! I would appreciate any help.
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  2. I have and like all three-
    To answer your questions-
    Artois mm- I don't feel it is much heavier to carry than the St Louis gm.
    I wouldn't fold it up and put it in checked luggage.
    St Louis gm-
    The pm size is small. I prefer the artois mm to the St Louis pm. I use my St Louis gm mostly as a travel bag and have for years- not exclusively but a lot and thankfully I have not had any problems. I use packing cubes to organize my things so it being open isn't a problem. The handle length is perfect to place over the handle of my carry on suitcase so works well for me at the airport. I like the little pouch to hold my passport and a cc for easy access at the airport.
    Neverfull mm- I have no real complaints about this bag but it is my least used tote. Maybe it is that everyone has one - I really can't say. It is more structured and it is feels very durable. I also have the Iena and I like that for travel as well. It has a zip top and a front zipper pocket which is very convenient.
    Anyway hope this helps, let me know if you have other questions.
  3. I have the same issue! I have a Neverfull MM that I LOVE - it’s the perfect size for my 5’2” frame, perfect for my constant work travels and takes a serious beating but still looks great. But it’s that darn Damier motif; you see it everywhere. For the last three months I’ve been torn between the Neverfull Epi noir MM, the goyard Artois MM in grey and a Fauré le Page 37. I feel that the Neverfull is the right choice because of how perfectly everything fits; I love the structure - it’s impossible for things to get lost in it, even without an organizer insert. But I just think the Artois is so beautiful in a weird way, and you rarely see them, even in SF where there’s a flagship store *right there*. I think the thing that turns me off is that because it’s a little wide, I’ll end up overfilling it and then my shoulder will be shot and I’ll be grumpy.
    I had initially gone into Goyard last month for a St Louis GM or PM but was so turned off by the flimsiness and the sizes of both. The Anjou made more sense than the St. Louis because of its leather lining, but I seriously couldn’t justify the price. That’s a lot of money! I’m still not sure I can justify the price of the Artois, tbh. Fortunately they were out of the grey MM, which gave me time to ponder the purchase. So, here I am still, using this darn Damier Neverfull and feeing very privileged to have such nice things (I mean, talk about good problems to have, being torn between these bags), but wanting something else. So, I didn’t help you at all! And I’m sorry for that! But I’m right here with you - keep us posted on what you decide!
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  4. Before I got my neverfull I was going through a similar debate between it and the goyard bags, but honestly the neverfull is the best everyday bag out of them unless you prefer a zipper then i would pick the Artois. I chose to get a “my world tour” neverfull to make mine stand out from everyone else’s, maybe that might be the best option for you as well?
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  5. I have two NF bags but I choose the limited editions from a couple of seasons ago. I have yet to see anyone else with my particular version of the NF. I have nicer bags but both of my NF bags are my go to bags for daily use. I have the St. Louis PM and it’s just okay. I only use it when I travel for nesting my other bags. I was contemplating the GM but decided against it. If I traveled more it might be worth the investment. As far as everyone having the NF l think it’s because it’s so functional for daily life. I bought my first NF because I liked the limited edition print, I bought my second because it really is a great day to day bag.
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  6. I am in the same boat. i have the NF MM and am looking for a new tote. I have wanted the St Louis for years, but have been wary of the handle issues. I did have one at one time and the handles cracked almost immediately. I bullied Barneys into taking it back. I like the slouch of the St L over the structure of the Artois MM. I am also wary of weight. I think there has been enough discussion to decide weight will not be an issue. But I appreciate the corner reinforcement of the Artois. If I got the St L I could deal with that if it happens. I don't tend to carry heavy things. I travel with a laptop rarely, and have a backback for that, so I think I would be okay. The only other issue would be the strap length. I really think I need to invest in a trip to NYC to try the Artois on.
  7. I have two out of the three mentioned above. I have a grey Artois MM and two Neverfull MM, I like the fact that the Artois has a zipper, and it helps to keep things secure. However, the Artois' wear in the corner is horrible (paint coming off), I baby all of my handbags, and had issues with my Artois within the first 3 months of corners wearing out (I rotate my handbags everyday, and at this point had only used my Artois MM less than 5 times),the NF is much more robust, but I personally do not like traveling with NF, due to it not being secured, and still opt for Artois, but with extra babying it, since I cannot bear the wearing of the corners.
  8. Sounds like the St Louis makes the most sense for you. When I was at the SF store I was bummed on its flimsiness. Would really like an Anjou for more strength and durability, but the Artois seems to make the most sense for me since I travel with both a laptop and an iPad (and so many other things) and it seems to be capable of handling a lot - though the thought of putting it through the scanner at TSA makes me cringe. Seriously can’t decide! Last month I was sure it would be the LV Neverfull MM in Epi Noir. And here I go changing my mind yet again. Maybe I need to be happy with my trusty Neverfull Damier. It really is a great great bag, perfect for my needs, I’m just so tired of looking at the logo all the time!
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  9. I have a St. Louis PM and GM and just got an Artois MM. I love it. I’ve traveled twice since I got it and packed so much in it (did a overnight with just the Artois - pajamas, toiletries, change of clothes and laptop/notebook/iPad). Love the zipper - felt much better having that traveling overseas. The St. Louis and Artois are different, with the open tote much more casual.

    Edited to add - putting through the TSA scanner is great with the zipper!
  10. I honestly couldn't have summarized it better than your initial post! I have the same impressions!

    I own the Artois MM and St Louis PM. I had tried to get a LV Neverfull in the past because of everyone praising it as a workhorse bag, and I find that totes are the most practical style for me. However, I couldn't get past the fact that this bag is very recognizable, and therefore, is not the most discreet bag for work. I also carry a lot and while I'm used to the weight, the rigidity of the straps made it uncomfortable (maybe this would have improved with time and breaking in...)

    I like the St Louis PM a lot and hesitated for a long time because of comments about quality issues. It is effortless and very lightweight. However, I don't put anything heavy in it, and therefore, don't use it for work.

    I'm still getting used to the Artois MM. I thought it would be the perfect work/travel bag with the zip and reinforced corners. But to be honest, it's a little bulky (I'm short at 5'3.5"), and despite being a big bag, it doesn't fit as much as some of my other totes of comparable size because of the constraints of the zip (it can't just flop open to accommodate more volume) and the thickness of the canvas).

    I bought a Faure Le Page Daily Battle Tote 37, which in many ways find the best of all worlds. It's a bit bigger than the Neverfull MM . I find the straps more comfortable than both Goyard and LV. The canvas is more flexible than Goyard but very sturdy. It has reinforced corners but no zip. It is not as well-known and therefore, feels more discreet; however, I've had people mistaken it for Goyard or LV.

    Hope that helps!
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  11. I have an Artois MM and a Neverfull MM. Here are my thoughts -

    Artois MM: Great bag! I have it in the navy and love it. Perfect size for travel or work or just if you need a large tote. I bought it while traveling recently and switched over to using it and immediately realized how perfect it is. You can carry so much, it's way lighter than the leather bag I was using, and the zipper makes it ideal for keeping things secure. The interior pocket is very handy. It is a bit on the big size though, so not sure if it's really an everyday sort of purse. Also, the straps are very sturdy but really hard still and I'm hoping they soften up over time because it was uncomfortable to carry on my forearm on bare skin when it was loaded up (shoulder was fine). I don't see why you couldn't lie it flat in your luggage, depending on the size of the suitcase? I wouldn't ever check-in a bag this expensive though...

    I had initially gone in to buy a St. Louis PM, but the Artois is just so much nicer! The strap drop on the PM in both the St. Louis and Artois just didn't cut it though. Too short.

    Neverfull MM: Also a great bag, which I see as more of an everyday purse sort of bag. I have it in the Damier Ebene, which I do see a lot but not as much as the monogram. This bag is smaller than my Artois MM. I use this bag as my everyday purse right now. It holds whatever you need, and the pocket is handy. There's really no reason not to like it, other than it's open and not really secure. I kind of like it when it gets older and more slouchy.

    Have you decided? Please let us know which one you choose!

  12. So I saw all the prices listed in a previous thriead and yet when i called Bergdorf in NYC and asked if they had the Artois MM in White they said they did and it was $3100 + tax. Did their prices go up ?
  13. Oh wow. Just an FYI, I bought my Artois MM in Hong Kong and it was $18,100 HKD with no tax, which converts to roughly $2300 USD. $3100 + tax seems like way too much. Where does the person posting the prices in that price thread get their info?
  14. I know the St Louis GM Prices posted are correct but the Artois MM not so sure unless the rep on the phone was smoking something lol ! I just bought the St. Louis GM waiting for that to arrive but am also looking at getting the Artois MM but that price they told me seem way high. Hate to say it have a LV Damier Neverfull love it but every where I turn every other person is carry an LV .. ugh
  15. I have a St Louis PM and had Goyard add leather corners to it after my bag developed holes in the corner after a couple months of use.

    LV has much better quality than Goyard. I would either do a LE Neverfull or... just throwing this out there, have you looked at the LV Lockme Go? That’s my new everyday bag and it’s similar to the NF but has a lock clasp and snaps closed. It’s also very lightweight, very luxe, and fits a laptop and other essentials.
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