Are you people still loving your Pochettes accessoires (old, new model)?

Aug 18, 2022
@fettfleck I have all 3 pochette accessoires: DA, Monogram and DE and purchased in that order. BEST purchases made :smile: . And yes, they fit a zippy wallet @ChampagneandChakras and even more. I bought a mono adjustable strap, and on my recent vacation used the strap from my evelyne tpm on the DA to wear crossbody. The DE I purchased in 2020 in like new condition, with a date code of 2016 which was last year of production before being discontiuned for $1K CDN, double of what I paid for the DA but well worth it IMHO.


Jun 11, 2016
Sorry this one didn’t work out. Hope you find one soon.

I’ve had the original one since forever. I use it in all my bags. My bags are filled with pouches (I purchased the trio for that reason). Occasionally if I’m not wearing a bag or going to a low key evening out I’ll just use it as a clutch. I never used the thin strap. I have lots of other straps but I don’t like it as a bag, just my preference.


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Mar 17, 2023
Hello! I've been reading PF forever, and finally decided to post today. The PA (new model, in DA), is my most used bag these days. I am petite (4'11") so I just don't ever reach for the oversized totes unless I have a reason to (if I have to carry documents, or if I am traveling). The PA is an easy grab and go on days when I am just heading out the door to run quick errands. I am a fan of the DA canvas print because I wear a lot of grey and blues and complementary colors (I am a fair-skinned blonde). DA just works best for my "canvas".


Nov 30, 2020
I don't have the old version, but I have the new one in monogram and it's one of my favorite bags. I love small shoulder bags because it works for me as I don't carry a lot. The price for it has definitely gone up, but I still think it's worth it if it's something you really want and can justify the amount for. Prices can only increase.

It goes with everything I wear and my style, and it holds up really well without babying it. I appreciate the versatility of the bag and being able to wear it so many ways. So yes to liking and using it still!


Mar 16, 2009
I now prefer the larger pochette of the Multipochette the PA It holds the same and the small vacchetta tag makes it look nice on my opinion. I no longer like the PA when worn with her short vacchetta strap..


Nov 12, 2022
I have two pochette accessories which I adore! A monogram multicolor and a patent one, both from the late 2000s. I use them as evening bags, something to keep my phone in when going out for dinner. If I had a regular monogram pochette, I'd probably use it a lot more since I don't carry a lot and I wouldn't have to worry about colour transfer. That said, I don't know if I'd use it as an everyday bag because I don't carry the pochettes on the shoulder, I find the straps too small. I can definitely see the logic of keeping it as a semi-wallet in a larger bag.

I'm not a fan of the latest pochette and multipochette pieces because knowing what I paid for mine back in the day, I find the prices insane! Especially when I know I can get an actual LV handbag for the price of a multipochette.
Jul 31, 2019
I still have my PA in DE, NM, still use it as pouch in my work bag. Will always be my forever piece
I have my Cerise PA that I purchased in 2005 (along with the cles) which were part of my 1st ever LV haul. I use it as a pouch in all of my bags, all the time. I also have the original PA that I purchased at the same time, which I don't use that often.