Are You Afraid Of Being Labeled A Returner???!!!

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  1. I rarelly return anything, but I don't go shopping unless I have time to inspect the items. The only things I ever return are techno stuff, because I always end up not knowing how it works/not using it. This thread reminds me of my late uncle. He used to always get payperview and when it came on his bill he'd say oh this must be a mistake... So, the first few times, they took it took the bill, but after awhile they saw what he was doing. hehe
  2. I've never really returned. I've exchanged a lot though...and I always feel bad. Because the SA's face would light up when you enter and then when you tell them that you're just exchanging, they just deflate...:shame:
  3. I rarely return anything if bought in a store because I usually try it on or if it's a bag I know I really want before I make the purchase. I have returned items bought online because you don't know how it'll fit or look until you actually received it. But we are the customer and we should be satisfied with our purchase.
  4. I have to admit that I am a big returner...I guess sometimes I get buyer's remorse once I get home with my purchases :shame:
  5. Yes, sometimes I have bag committment issues. Sometimes I will go to another store. It can be hard to pick a bag. You really need to put in your items and parade around the house for a few hours!
  6. I get a bit flustered but it's my money.
  7. yeah. I work on commission and it SUCKS to get a big sale returned, so I can totally sympathize with the SAs. I don't buy something unless I really want it, and I don't return without a really good reason, like it's defective or something. I don't return stuff because of buyer's remorse.
  8. I really try only to buy what I love... But sometimes that's hard. I usually shop at stores with generous return policies or with SA's who know me. They want my repeat business--so they understand that a return in the grand scheme isn't big since I'll come back for more.

    But there are times when I think I should minimize the returning... I've realized that shopping less often helps--seems to reduce my impulsiveness!
  9. The SAs are there to serve us. If we return something then so what, why should we feel guilty? Will they serve us as well next time? Who cares, we can serve ourselves, and if they give us attitude, go to someone else. Still if you feel unnerved about it, then try to sell it on ebay, especially if it is a rare and special item. You may make back more than you paid. I make a point of never feeling bad if I return something, it is my right, my money and my choice. They can eat it if it bothers them. But, honestly, I am sure it doesn't bother them as much as we think. It's part of the biz.
  10. oh my goodness, i am so glad i am not alone on this one. i always get embarrassed and try to go to another location,i hate defective bags and had a bad kuck stream recently.
  11. They do that at Sanrio (Hello Kitty) too. When I worked there we had to track everyone who returned. There was one person we weren't allow to take returns from.

    I returned one bag - the Betsey Johnson Good Girl Hobo because it was just too heavy. I did get something else so the SA was happy.

    But I was on the Paddington list at Nordstrom and found one, which I bought, at Neimans instead. (I'm not very patient.) Cancelled the Norstrom waiting list, only now I can't go into Nordstrom's handbag dept. wearing my Paddy for fear that the SA will see the Paddy and know I got it elsewhere! Dumb, I know, but she is so sweet and really does everything for me in locating a bag, that I would feel like I hurt her feelings if she know I bought the bag somewhere else.