Are people really no longer wearing their Chanel bags because others (mostly strangers) stare at them and whisper?


May 27, 2019
I wear only a subset of my bags out with family, so I do hide a majority of my bags with them. I don’t disclose my entire collection. One cousin mentioned that she had looked up my bag up and commented how much it was. I have had a few acquaintances (friends of friends) and also ex-coworkers comment about a Chanel bag I was wearing, somewhat negatively. But, I know it is mainly out of jealousy. I wear my bags out freely and openly when I go out out with non-family who don’t know me or whose judgement I really don’t care about or when I am with two other girlfriends who I know have a decent Chanel collection as well. Only a handful of people plus purseForum understand my designer bag obsession.
I feel you! I agree that a lot of it is mainly rooted in jealousy. But human beings by nature tend to compare which I can understand too. And I get the need to be sensitive around certain friends/acquaintances - so most of my friends don’t know the extent of my Chanel collection.


May 3, 2021
I’ve never experienced this “staring and whispering” phenomenon when I wear my Chanel bags, so I’m actually curious if people have experienced this in person, because staring and whispering about somebody else’s belongings seems pretty rude. I’m not sure why I need to modify my behavior when I’m carrying a bag minding my own business going about my day, just to appease people who should have the manners to also mind their own business and not worry about what others have.

So I guess my answer would be no, I won’t stop buying or wearing my Chanel so others can feel better about their lives. However I do refrain from carrying Chanel bags if I know I’m going to a not great part of town due to safety concerns.

I would be more afraid of someone grabbing it and running or worse pulling a weapon. Apparently in D.C. people are getting their Canadian Goose jackets taken from them. The whispering may be setting eyes on a target and if that is you, take evasive action immediately, like walking into a store, or asking someone for directions, the time,whatever but do not continue walking towards whomever you are getting vibes that are raising a red flag.

I heard about the Canada Goose situation in DC, it’s just crazy!! It’s a sad, sad time we live in when a person can’t safely walk around with a mid level luxury jacket without worrying about getting the jacket taken from their backs in the nation’s capital.

Im also afraid of getting robbed because of my Chanel bags. I live in NYC. That would be the only reason that I am hesitant to wear my Chanel bags. Now that the medium classic flap is over 10,000, it makes me nervous carrying around something that is worth that much money. I am also very mindful of where I carry my Chanel bags. I will also try to discretely cover the logo sometimes.

I once went to a restaurant in the wrong part of downtown Atlanta after dark while wearing a 19. I had been in an upscale shopping center earlier, and was dressed for that setting, but decided to pick up take out from a new but well reviewed restaurant. It didn’t dawn on me what part of town I was in until I walked in (i wasn’t aware of my surroundings, that was my mistake), and everybody in the restaurant turned and stared at me when I walked in…I turned the logo inward but I have never been more afraid of getting robbed than that night. But I don’t think they stared at me because of my bag, I think they moreso stared because I was different from everyone else there.
Apr 26, 2016
I don't care what others think and usually happen to carry Chanel when I'm out with my husband. Otherwise I try not to carry anything and usually in workout clothes. When I would have to commute to the office, I wouldn't have worn something as flashy. My jewelry is enough.


Feb 23, 2017
I get stares and whispers because I'm usually the only person still wearing a mask in a roomfull of unmasked people. This doesn't bother me and carrying my expensive handbags wouldn't bother me neither.
Robberies are happening in exclusive high end real estate safe areas also. Taking your expensive car to be cleaned and someone can steal this also. So this is my look wearing my expensive fur and carrying my designer bag. LOL :lol: 1658945511243.gif
Mar 19, 2007
I am more cognizant of what I wear and the vibe I send off. I don't want to be a target and a lot of times I do things alone so I have to be aware of my surroundings.

During the height of COVID, I stopped wearing designer bags altogether. There were so many ppl I needed to care for and I was worn out and not in the mood to even look presentable.

Now, I do carry my Chanel/ Hermes. But only to certain places and to meet certain ppl.


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Nov 20, 2022
What an intersting topic !

I live in Europe (Belgium) and honestly, I do feel it's rare when someone recognize I'm wearing Chanel clothing and accessories (never heard any whispers except in some boutique maybe) And even if they do know it's Chanel, they don't know how much it costs. Like it has been said, we live in that luxury bubble and we tend to think everyone has the same knowledge as us but people usually just don't care. None of my friends know anything about high fashion brands. Same for ma family which is a nice thing because they would judge me so much if they knew how much it costs.

I think it's sad to dress in a certain way to accomodate your friends sensitive feelings. If they aren't happy for your success and are displaying their jalousy, maybe they aren't such good friends or great to be around. Enjoying fashion isn't showing off you have money. It's also being yourself. I had one toxic friendship like that and it was just exhausting to feel like I didn't deserve to be in a good financial place and being who I want if she couldn't too. It is now a good indicator for me if I don't feel comfortable around someone : I just stop being around them. It's not being inconsiderate. It's just not accepting to compromise about faking I'm unhappy in my life.

I do understand the fear of going out in dangerous places looking expensive but honestly, I just avoid going there, period. You can get rob with any kind of clothing and even seem more approachable if you look "cheaper" than usual. But I'm living in a pretty safe area so I'm not judging at all people who do feel the need to dress down. It must be so difficult on a daily basis to think about how you present when you're in public.


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Mar 23, 2009
It’s interesting that we as humans will gravitate more towards one person saying something negative about us when we have positive reinforcement everywhere else. It is an innate human quality and we’re all guilty of it to some degree. I only use designer bags because it’s all I own, and frankly most of my bags don’t get a second look from anyone. And if someone should have some sort of attitude towards my bag, frankly that’s their problem and not mine.


Feb 21, 2012
I am mindful about carrying my classic flap and take it out only for occasions/dinners but use my WOC's everywhere. I am concerned about safety, can't be bothered about what other people are thinking. They may have opinions about anything - my clothes, jewelry, house.....can't live my life to please others!!!

I have to add that the entire "I'm done with Chanel" is being put in overdrive by YouTubers and is getting a bit annoying now. They are doing it more for clickbait since they get views when they make these statements. I don't see so much online hate about any other brand simply for being expensive.


May 19, 2013
I agree with the above statement about YouTubers hating on Chanel. It’s fine to share opinions but there is such a thing called too much opinions and it drowns out our own conclusions sometimes listening to them. Some even took the opportunity to advertise fakes! Like if you don’t want to pay the price then carry a different bag, why carry fakes and support the ideal of stealing from someone else’s design while losing dignity to yourself? So absurd imo.

Also, yes I do still carry all my designer bags depending on my mood. People can just tell by the way you dress anyways and not just the bag.


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Aug 31, 2008
Honestly, I think some gucci, YSL, LV, and quilted Tory Burch are more eye catching and flashy than a chanel, but I am mainly a H or chanel reissue person. If one is concerned, wear the logo or hardware facing your body. I think a Rolex is probably a lot more eye catching. I’m wearing a stingray micro boy bag; a metallic reissue; and an so black mini chevron reissue with a chanel boucle jacket; an h sweater; an H sellier baseball bomber jacket; and a chanel waxed cotton alligator printed jacket, and no one really notices. Of course I also mix in doc martens or birkenstock sneakers to tone down the look, but that’s just my style. The first pic is an H noir barenia 30B worn facing in, and no one noticed that either.
ETA: re the barenia Birkin, I mean that literally. Pic was taken when people were still wearing masks, and I decided to take a long walk home. I did notice some people eyeing a tory Burch quilted chanel look like bag with leather chain straps. It had a very flashy TB medallion logo clasp. No one batted an eye at the B.
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Oct 22, 2009
Also in NYC (well, live in JC, close enough :lol:), and I don't think too much about carrying around Chanel either. Especially when you've got Canal St fakes everywhere. Not gonna lie, sometimes I catch myself staring at a Chanel bag because it looks a little off and I'm trying to figure out if it's fake or not.
Also live in JC, but work in midtown Manhattan. I wear my bags all the time (even in the PATH and subway). My mini reissues are perfect when I want something a bit more discreet.


Oct 22, 2009
I would be more afraid of someone grabbing it and running or worse pulling a weapon. Apparently in D.C. people are getting their Canadian Goose jackets taken from them. The whispering may be setting eyes on a target and if that is you, take evasive action immediately, like walking into a store, or asking someone for directions, the time,whatever but do not continue walking towards whomever you are getting vibes that are raising a red flag.
I actually had a Canada Goose stolen in Hoboken. It was a pretty traumatic experience, especially because it was in the middle of winter and I didn’t have a coat to wear home!


Apr 26, 2022
I don't like attention and for that reason I'm having such a hard time wearing my CFs out and about. I truly bought them with the intention to use them as much as possible but the only time I will wear them is to dinner out with my family members, otherwise not much. The new price makes me feel very apprehensive more so than ever before as these days everyone can recognize the diamond quilting and the cc logo thanks to social. When I wore my bag last on a trip, I got lots of looks and one girl even gasped out loud and then wildly stared at me, lol. Some might like the attention but I absolutely do not, all I wanted to do was tuck it away. It feels like a liability at this point and I really hope I can get over it and start enjoying my bags. Surprisingly I saw 2 medium classic flaps today at the mall today which I've never noticed before! I'm definitely more of a crossbody girl so I think I'd have an easier time casually wearing a smaller bag like a mini. I love wearing my woc but the CF..the price tag makes me feel like a target.