are all Hermes SAs super rude?


loving H...
Jun 29, 2006
i'm sorry that you and your mom were not treated nicely...i think it's wrong for any SA to be rude to other people (customer).
i'm a newbie to hermes:P. i've only been to the hermes boutique here in montreal for the first time last week to get a scarf ring (after seeing the great ladies with their beautiful scarves here on the hermes thread). the SA was very nice and helpful. i wasn't even dressed up (went straight there with my children from the playground ). i told her that i've never worn scarves before, so she showed me how to use the scarf ring and included the carre booklet for me. i had a really pleasurable experience.


swift convert
Jun 15, 2006
this type of post makes me worried about my first visit to the Hermes boutique.
what should i do if an SA treats me poorly? Can I ask for help from a different SA (I feel kinda strange to do it... but if it is acceptable, why not....) ? What if I have limited time to visit the store, meaning ... I cannot come back the next day and talk to a different SA?


Orange crush
Feb 12, 2006
*sigh* I see your location says NYC and it sounds like it's my store you hit. I'm sorry you had this bad experience, but please don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch. I am pretty familiar with just about every SA in that store and they are actually very nice, with a few here and there who have their "mood swings". Don't give up. If you want a referral just let us know. After talking with several people, I've come to realize this store can be a tough nut to crack, but if you give it another chance, it may be worth your while. They're actually a great bunch in that store and I really love them to bits in there.


Butterfly Wrangler
Oct 20, 2006
Please do follow up with a letter to the manager or district manager. I hope your next trip is better! :heart:

I have only had good experiences, but my DH ran into a a bit of a stinker in LV, he just walked up to another one and said, would you be willing to help me choose a gift for my wife....and she was!!! (YAY)


Oct 12, 2006
Ugh I am so sorry to hear about this experience. I have had the gamut of SA experiences across several stores. If it is the Madison Ave. store we are discussing, I've had variable encounters there, the worst of which I would have to describe as aloof/snooty, but on average I'd have to say my experiences have been fairly positive there, if not the best of my many SA encounters. Certainly nothing even close to the rudeness you experienced. Am really sorry you had to endure that.


H.O.P Mommy
Mar 11, 2006
Sorry this happened, but please don't let one experience deter you from Hermes. The best advice I could give is to ask for an SA referral from one of our lovely members here, you won't regret it.


Dec 14, 2005
WOW! is all I can say. You shouldn't receive that kind of service ANYWHERE! I would definately call, write or just go in and speak to the manager. It would be lovely if the rude woman was there when you went back to talk to the manager about her horrible behavior. I wonder how rude she would be then getting called out in front of her manager.
May 6, 2007
mmmmmmmmmm. they are nice to you because they want you to buy. all sales count. they ALWAYS have tons of birkins in the back..........they are there! they immediately bring out the good stuff for the important buyers--if they are rude then they think all you want is a birkin.............they dont want you to buy the good stuff (right away)...........that behavior is tolerated


Sep 13, 2006
Sorry this happened. I'm not going to lie and say I've had out of this world experience at H because I haven't. From being hounded by security guards to having every drawer open for me to play, I've had it all. Don't give up and definitely follow up with any higher authority. Nobody has the right to treat you like crap.


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Jun 19, 2006
I travel quite a bit for business and get all sorts of good & bad treatment at boutiques - Can't figure out why exactly, BUT I have been really helped out by tPF referrals and always ask for the SAs card, (good or bad service) before leaving. Good ones get the calls for charge/send orders and names passed on to my friends and fellow shoppers ............
Bad ones - well -- sometimes it is more fun to leave them guessing what I will do with their card .......


Apr 23, 2007
I really hate when SA do the "once up and down" look which clearly means "can you afford to buy here or not". Although not Hermes related, I remember being on holiday in Banff a number of years ago as part of a bus tour. I had seen a lovely Cowichan cardigan on a website and popped into the store to see if they had it...

I found it at the back of the shop attached to the wall (on display) looked fabulous and I wanted to try it on. So, went looking for a SA. All were Japanese (I'm a pale wee Scottish Lassie) and the LOOK they gave me when I asked for some assistance was pure evil...the conversation went along the lines

"excuse me...I'd like to try on the cardigan on the wall please" (me smiling sweetly)

"It's VERY expensive" (SA)

"Yes, I'm sure it is, but I'd still like to try it on" (me)

"Mmmm" followed by the LOOK then "I don't have another one available"

" can I try on THAT one " (me pointing and getting slightly annoyed at this stage)

"I'd need to get a stepladder..." (SA not budging as she said this)

"You do that" (I'm starting to loose patience)

"hurrumfph" and she slowly wanders off to get the ladder..even more slowly climbs up it to lift the cardigan down and basically throws it towards me.

I then try it on with hubby saying "oh, it looks really nice" he then looks towards the SA and whispers "can you afford it?" but I see the look of distaste in her face as if to say "I know you can't so get it off your back so I can go back to being beautfiul" She even snorted at this point.

So...I says

"I take it your shop does accept travellers cheques"

She almost choked at this point

" want to BUY it?!" she stammers.

"Of course" I respond

Well, after that she could not have been nicer

"Can I gift wrap it for you madam"..."would you like ribbon" etc..

I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt as it was about 100 degrees outside, carrying a small canvas handbag that had my camera etc in it. OK, not the most glam look I agree but I had been sitting on a bus for most of the day and was going white water rafting later that day so unlikely to be wearing a Chanel suit etc!!

Thing is, I knew I was earning probably 10 times more than she was getting but she deemed me worthless and that made me :cursing:

As for Hermes SA, the lady in Glasgow (Scotland) is lovely. I bought my first scarf about a month ago and she showed me how to tie it etc. Popped in about a week ago and she remembered me and asked how I was getting on tying it. I said my Mum thought the little book was brilliant so she went into the drawer and handed me one "here, give this to your Mum..Shhh!" she said and grinned. I did buy a scarf and spent a good 20 minutes looking at Agendas etc and she never once made me feel inferior..though I was wearing a suit that time!

I guess there are good and bad SA out there (like there are good and bad police officers, tax inspectors, hairdressers etc). Don't let one bad experience put you off though...