April & May MK Purchases!

  1. thanks :p
  2. Very nice :smile: Looks like an East West Hamilton.
  3. Beautiful purchases, everyone! :love:
  4. Love this color
  5. Just got myself this one - perfect for summer walks in the park with my kids
  6. Here is my new e/w Hamilton in electric pink. Got a deal from TJ Maxx. Also got a matching wallet on the way from Bloomingdales too!
  7. just picked up a pink saffiano leather large hamilton from holts during their 25% gift card promotion! :smile:

    does anyone know if this comes in the e/w size ?

  8. Amazing bags. Love the deep red on the Hamilton. :smile:
  9. [​IMG]

    got this at an outlet store yesterday :biggrin: love the pink color
  10. Bought my first MK bag ever yesterday - luggage n/s Hamilton! Yipeeeeeee! :p Perfect diaper bag, work bag, all around everyday bag. I'm hooked.
  11. I guess I'm going to have to check everyday for the tangerine wallet. I just purchased the Hamilton ostrich embossed bag an shoes! Love this color
  12. Purchased over the weekend at Dillards in Richmond, VA the bag and wedge sandles were both on sale. I've gotten some really good deals at Dillards on all my MK items.
    Tangerine Ostrich embossed Hamilton & Wedges 2.jpg

  13. You are soo lucky, I've never seen any Hamilton bags at TJ Maxx or Marshall's. I just purchased the N/S Hamilton in the pink ostrich embossed from Nordstrom, on sale for $265.94 plus I had been holding on to a $100 gift card since Chrsitmas. I should receive the bag this week. I also picked up the matching wallet from Beyond the Rack.com yesterdy for $129.00. I can't wait for my packages to arrive this week.
  14. Hi I'm new to this forum I just got a great deal for the jet set Michael kors rose gold tote :smile:

  15. Aqua Saffiano Hamilton Satchel