Anyone have the Tory Burch Caroline flats?

  1. I actually had to go up a half size but they feel SO much better. If you shove your heel all the way back in the shoe and your toes feel no more pressure, you should try going up a half size. They're a teeny bit roomy now but they're quite comfortable.
  2. I've had my Carolines for quite some time now and no matter what I do I have the same exact feeling. It's exactly like you guys said, almost as if the medallion is on my toe. Mine have stretched a bit but still nothing. They're comfortable besides the medallion thing. I got true to size and I know going 1/2 size up will be too big.
  3. I know this thread is old, but i hope someone might read this!

    Just bought a pair of these at a sample sale for a small designer boutique here, and love them, but was surprised to see them stamped Made in China. I thought all Tory Burch shoes were made in Brazil! (at least my Revas and boots are!).

    Can you ladies who own Carolines let me know where yours are made? I fear I may have been duped! Or is Tory now outsourcing shoes to China, too?

  4. I just got these in nude/pink, and I LOVE THEM. However, I'm definitely in the same predicament that a lot of you ladies have mentioned. I'm usually a size 8 in shoes and an 8.5 in Revas. So I tried on the 8 and 8.5 in the Caroline's and the 8.5 was too big.
    The 8's fit but they are very snug still and I'm waiting for them to stretch out. Meanwhile that piece of leather at the back of the shoe that's attached to the elastic has been digging into the back of my heel.

    @QueenCrickette I checked my shoes to see where they were made but I didn't see the info anywhere. Sad that I didn't keep the box!
  5. My feet are normal width and the first day I wore Revas they were kind of tight (I usu wear 7, I bought my Revas in 7.5 because I heard needed to order half size up). I guess I broke into them already after the first day, now they are the comfiest flats I own. Sometimes the back slides off my feet though, they are not too big but I think the elastic at the bag loosens. I think Revas should be comfortable for everyone UNLESS you have bought the wrong size, it's perfectly designed for people who have narrow/normal width feet!
  6. Update: I tried wearing my flats around the house with socks, everything! I had to return them because they were giving me horrible blisters. I have pretty narrow feet, so maybe that was part of the problem.

    Anyway, I traded them in for a pair of snakeskin printed revas :love: Ladies, I would recommend going up a half size if you do order a pair of Caroline flats!
  7. I still haven't figured it out but also long as they fit good and are comfy who cares what size you end up ordering but it does make it tough if you are ordering on-line. 4 of my 5 pairs of Revas are 10.5. The patent Revas I bought 11. All 5 pairs of Eddies are 10.5 as well as my Kendricks. I just bought a Black Friday pair of Carolines and the 10.5's killed. I bought the 11's and they are perfect
  8. Those are so cute. I'm hoping theres a cyber monday sale so I can pick those up in pink and black.
  9. Mine also said Made in China
  10. I have the same ones from your photo. I had to go up half a size. They were so comfortable initially, but as the day went on, it started cutting into my heels a little bit though :sad:
  11. Sorry to hear about that. I haven't had any comfort issues with mine, I did notice the dye from my jeans has left a bit of a dark spot on the elastic part where it rubs when I walk
  12. Yes I have them in black patent.. They are AWESOME... Couldn't do the Reva's because they were sooooo uncomfortable!!! I took them back after wearing them for only 30 minutes!
  13. Anyone have the Caroline wedge in patent? I just ordered a size 8 on sale and hope they fit.... The price was too good to pass up!

    I'm a 8 in leather reva and 7.5 in leather sally.... I keep reading mixed reviews on the elastic of the Caroline. I ordered up to 8 since its patent. Did I make a mistake?
  14. I got the black suede Carolines in today from the Saks 70 % sale on monday-they aere 82.25 and are so classic and feel so good! I got 1/2 size larger , they have room and feel great!
    PS I never had issues with my revas-I have 4 pairs and they fit perfect from the start. The eddies feel great as well.
    I do luv the black Sally wedges, so comfy and one of my fav's -a little more dressy IMO
  15. I had these in black but because it's a stiff shoe the toe part would press hard against my toes when I walked. Sadly no Tory Burch flats work out for me!