Anyone have the Tory Burch Caroline flats?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I already own a pair of Tory Burch metallic Revas.
    A year later, I am still trying to break them in.

    And then I spotted the TB Caroline flat.

    Does anyone own this shoe? I tried doing a search but no dice.
    Is it the same as the Revas? Is it comfy?
    If so, I might have to consider getting the black version or forsake TB flats forever. Thanks for your help. =)
  2. how often have you worn your Revas?
  3. Hi Linh,

    Thanks for your response. I guess no one has these shoes yet. Shucks.

    In regards to my Revas--I've worn them maybe twice a week for about half the year for the year I've owned them. They start off great and then a few hours later I feel pinching and tightness in the front by the medallion. I've tried "the walking around in thick socks method" to further break them in/stretch them out but no dice. I can't go up half size because as it is the back is bunching around the lower ankle portion of my foot as if they're too big. I've taken to carrying flip flops or other comfy ballet flats with me when I wear these shoes but that seems counter productive as these are supposed to be flats--not 5 inch stilettos. Sigh...

    Thanks anyway sweetie! =)
  4. that's why i don't wear flats much; something usually always goes wrong
  5. :bump: Anyone own a pair yet? :whistle: Can anyone chime in re: the fit/style? Revas have been a PITA for me, regardless of the size or materials selected. :tdown:
  6. I have a pair of the camelia pink/nude that i got from Nordstrom about 2 months ago.. I went 1/2 size down..
  7. Exactly one year later, I can finally answer my own question!

    TB flats are not for everyone. I acknowledge this now.
    As much as I love the style I am probably not going to purchase a future pair as they are not comfy on my particular feet.

    I received a pair of the Carolines from Neiman Marcus for my birthday.,default,pd.html?dwvar_21118200_size=7&dwvar_21118200_color=005&start=35&cgid=shoes-flats

    First off, I found that I had to go up to 8.5 instead of my usual 8. They were that snug. I know that leather stretches some but wasn't willing to take a chance that it would stretch to the size I needed. Three weeks later I still have not broken them in despite wearing consistently. I now have the ugliest blisters on both pinky toes.
    Also, the flats are not rubber soled. So I found myself every so often slipping on streets and in-door surfaces alike.

    Love the look (the cute stripes and the luxurious leather) of these dearly so it really is too bad. :sad:
  8. I don't own the Revas but I have 2 Carolines and they are the most comfy shoes ever! Even beats Ferragamo's Varina. I'm usually a size 6.5 but I went down to 6 in Caroline, a bit snug at first but after maybe 3 uses, it follows your feet shape!
  9. I agree with belovadi. The carolines are more comfortable than the revas. I have 3 pairs of carolines that I wear all the time. I have 2 pairs of revas that are left in the shoe closet unworn.
  10. definitely half size down - these fit wider due to the elastic and rounder toe. they are MUCH comfier than reva's !
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  12. I finally bought my first pair of TBs - Caroline.

    I'm usually a size 6 but it was very snug so I had to buy a 6.5.

    Now that I have it on my feet, I'm debating if I should go another 1/2 size up.

    The shoe fits but my toes feel snug. I can't wiggle it as much as I want.

    Will it stretch? Should I try stretching it out by wearing multiple pairs of socks???

    P.S. I can't wear the Revas. The logo hurts my feet as well as the bag on the backside of the anke.
  13. i own a pair and they are super comfy!
  14. I just got a pair in pink/nude. They are true to size for me, but my toes feel weird. I came across a blogger who described it as:

    "Whilst it was love at first sight, my toes revolted. They cried in pain. These shoes made me feel like my toenails were inches too long - a sort of scraping feeling that just feels uncomfortable an hour or two." buynowbloglater

    That's pretty much how my toes feel too. However, I wore them around the house with socks for about an hour and they feel slightly better. I think I'm going to try that again tomorrow since I know the next size up will be too big.
  15. Yes, this is what they feel like for me also. Both my big toes feel like there's something pressing down on them (the medallion perhaps) and they ache. I'm wearing them every day at home, so hopefully they will stretch out (I'm wearing my regular size).

    They're definitely more comfortable than the Revas. The Revasstill hurt after going 1/2 size up.