Anyone ever order from Mejuri or Vrai & Oro?

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  1. Thank you so much! :smile: About the Trio Ring, that's why I was pretty disappointed in it. It was a birthday gift to myself and I just wanted to wear it, so I didn't want to fuss with yet another exchange. I figured they'd just give me the same thing back... even though I mentioned it in an email to them that I expected the bands to be closer together. Oh well :doh:

    My nail polish is OPI My Very First Knockwurst. Thank you :biggrin: It's my favorite color tbh!
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  2. Love Mejuri! I have the Trio ring- and yes I would indeed say the three rings are closer together. I also have the little bar studs. I ordered another ring in a wrong size and they were great about returns.
    I will say that Missoma is a waste of money. It's very cheaply gold-plated and practically looks orange. It basically looks like the fake gold accessories I used to get at Claire's in high school. Yes, it's less than solid gold, but even Gold Vermeil can look better than this! Also, 60+ for jewelry you expect it to at least look decent. You have to pay shipping to the UK for returns, and they don't really akcnowledge that they edit their images to make the gold appear better than it is. It's simply not worth it in my opinion.
  3. I just bought a 122 cad tiny ruby pendant from mejuri. Heres crossing my fingers that it looks better in person. It has yet to shipped. Im expecting it shipped on the 9th
  4. I bought a ruby pendant from mejuri. The ruby looks so transparent from the photos thats why i bought it even if i had an idea that it is tiny. It came really fast with excellent packaging and all. The problem is the ruby looks darker than the promo photo and its even opaque. It looks like a good quality piece though. I put it on one of my bracelet. I think it looks best for stacking or something.
  5. Love, love, love Mejuri for basic simple everyday pieces. I had another piercing done in an ear ( I had 3 in left and only 1 in right so I got a second for a little more balance). After 3 months my ear was still acting up so I needed some new 14k light weight earrings as that was all that didn’t bother it. I got the Feature Huggies with white sapphires and the Mini Lotus Studs. I thought I would only wear them for a short period of time but I wear 1 or both almost daily in my extra piercings. The quality is great and the price point can’t be beat. Definitely will order more, I need a plain gold chain for pendants.
  6. I order from Mejuri all the time! I love everything I’ve gotten from there.

    They are based in Toronto and I’m in Canada so my orders arrive quickly.

    I have two of the engravable necklaces, 3 birthstone charms - emerald, turquoise and sapphire, the bold 14k bangle, gold hoops in small, in between and large.

    In silver I got the zodiac charm necklace and I got the zodiac ring in gold vermeil.

    Everything is a bit daintier than it appears online, but its all well made and priced well. The gold vermeil ring is the only thing I’m not too impressed with - like it’s nice but I know it wont last because its plated. I wouldnt buy another plated piece.
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