Anyone ever order from Mejuri or Vrai & Oro?

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  1. I've been looking into these small "fine jewelry" companies lately like Aurate, Mejuri, and Vrai and Oro. What are your experiences with them? Are they really good quality jewelry pieces at excellent price points? I want to start investing in good quality pieces and would love any advice or other brands you love!
  2. I'm interested in knowing this too, particularly Mejuri and Missoma. I see a lot of bloggers talking about both brands and they seem to have quite nice pieces that are reasonably priced but interested to know more about the quality.
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  3. I have purchased from Vrai and Oro twice and returned both items. One item had an issue with the clasp and the other item just didn't suit me. They had good service and I found the pieces to be nice for the price point. I would order from them again, depending.
  4. I did end up ordering from Mejuri (got their gold hoops) and I really like them! They're a substantial thickness and seem to be well made. I'm eyeing their Spheres necklace next!

    Oh no! Which item had the issue with the clasp, if you don't mind me asking.
  5. ^ The diamond by the yard type necklace.
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  6. I've ordered from Mejuri on four different occasions! :biggrin: I absolutely love their pieces. All high quality, very well made :love: I love how affordable they are for the quality too! Just amazing. I'm also so impressed with the customer service.

    I had a ring arrive defected one time, but they had no issue exchanging for a new one. Didn't have to pay postage or anything :smile: The brand has become my go-to for minimalist and gorgeous solid YG pieces.
  7. I have a small Vrai Oro ring, and I really loved dealing with them. The ring itself is not superb, but at the price point it's very decent
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  8. Which mejuri pieces did you get? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  9. I have the 360 Ring, Trio Ring, and Diamonds Line Ring :love: All in solid 14k YG. I'll definitely have to post photos! They're gorgeous. I wear my 360 Ring every day (never take it off) and I'm so in love with it. I really stand by this company and the quality in their products.

    I'm really picky with my jewelry, and even more so with solid gold pieces (aka, materials that are valuable). Believe me, I'm the type of person to send a ring back if it has the smallest scratch :rolleyes: To note, the ring that arrived defected was the Trio Ring, and it was defected in that two of the bands were bent asymmetrically. Might've been fine for someone else, but I didn't want it that way! And aside from that one time, I've got to say that Mejuri hasn't disappointed me one bit. Their rings come beautifully finished with the smoothest appearance ever. It's truly impressive especially since they're all handmade! I'm so happy to have found a brand that makes truly quality jewelry without breaking the bank :yahoo: I'm a big ring fan (have pretty full hands on the daily) and have been trying to grow my YG collection for years now. At the moment I only wear SS, but I want to be able to have full hands of YG :loveeyes: Those three Mejuri rings are just about the start of me finally being able to do that :biggrin:
  10. Yes I'd absolutely love to see pictures!! The trio ring is gorgeous. I need to go back on the website to browse some more.
  11. IMG_0439.JPG

    Here is the 360 Ring :heart: It's the one Mejuri ring I wear on a daily basis. As I mentioned before, I have pretty "full" hands in terms of rings, and so I wear my 360 Ring there since it was the only available space :lol: But my boyfriend gave it to me for our 4 year anniversary so I guess it's fine for it to go on that finger :P

    I'll have to post pics later or tomorrow of my other two rings! The Diamonds one is probably my favorite. The sparkle is so gorgeous. They're small diamonds, but beautifully set and definitely not exactly subtle IMO. As for the Trio Ring, while it is beautiful, it doesn't look like the photos. The individual bands are not as close together as it shows on the site. I still love it and wear it, but it just wasn't what I had been expecting.
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  12. F4085A84-958E-436E-B37A-5CA20AF304BA.jpg
    Alright, here are the other two rings! :smile:
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  13. I love how you wear your rings![emoji7] I was never able to rock thin rings like this! So stylish
  14. Ahh, thank you!! It's totally my thing. I love wearing rings. I wear the same six Sterling Silver rings every day. Never take them off... feel to empty without them! :lol:
  15. Wow!! Thanks so much for sharing. Yea the trip rings look much closer online as I was also eyeing that piece. I love how you paired them all together. It's so pretty :smile:

    Btw, what nail color is that? Goes really well with the rings and your skin tone!
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