Any experience with Mandarina Duck bags?

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  1. They used to have a store In Florence. I would buy their luggage again if it is still made to those specifications. Chic and long-lasting.
  2. I have their wallet and its served me really well for 5 years now. All zips, buttons work perfectly and the leather isnt worn at all inspite of daily use. Am looking for another MD wallet now just for a change! Thumbs up for quality. I also like how sensibly they are made, pockets open wide enough, several slots for cards, no holes at bottom for coins to slip out of etc.
  3. I love Mandarina duck and their simplicity of design!
    Light-weight, managable, I have two luggages that I use for one week travel and to carry-on
  4. I used to be a fan of the brand. I even remember one of the SAs at the boutique in Paris using a screwdriver to put a hole in the fabric....and make the hole disappear by simply brushing the fabric with the tip of her finger...
    But I bought one of their nylon bags recently and was disappointed in the quality.....
    Times are changing.....
  5. I have a Mandarina Duck backpack , and Iove it, bought that bag when I was a student, everyday I went to school with that bag, it is really well-made bag, very durable, distinctive design.
  6. I like some MD styles very much :yes: Quality is excellent and that the bags are not that overpriced makes it even better :biggrin:
    They also fit perfectly with my various Off White straps and I'm a bit tired of Balenciaga atm

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  9. I have a backpack in the same red leather with the same hardware as shown a few posts back. Its over 20 years old and looks exactly the same as when I bought it. Got it from TJ maxx. they are indeed durable!
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