Any experience with Mandarina Duck bags?

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  1. I might want one but their website has so few pictures. I also wanted to check in and see if anyone here has owned one.

  2. I have had a little nylon one before. They are good for every day. They also do some structured leather ones I think. Try googling them for more info. Good luck.
  3. I have never owned one but I've seen some IRL. They seem very well made...
  4. Bought their luggage in Italy about 20 years back, and used it for years. Don't know what it is like now; however it used to be well-made and well-designed.
  5. I've seen a lot on eBay, but have never owned one. They seem very reasonably-priced.
  6. Thanks all. Unfortunately I'm going to have to pass on their bags. I contacted via email and they were responsive but they have no photos of the interior of the bags and basically only i photo per bag. It seems bags go from Italy to a Michigan warehouse and then out but with ground shipping it makes the 2 weke return policy dicey.
  7. I own many of their leather bags because we have the Madarina Duck boutique nearby and they are reasonably priced, leather handbags at around US$200 to $300. Their bags are very well made, I feel they are underated for their quality. I will post pics of all my mandarina duck handbags later.

    Most of my mandarina ducks handbags are presents from DH, so they have special meanings to me as well.
  8. Ooh neat. They seem nice but without better photos it's hard to tell.
  9. I've seen a lot of them at TJ Maxx through the years- maybe check there first.
  10. Thanks bellafleur i may look there this week.
  11. i own a number of them.

    i would recommend them in a heartbeat. all my mandarina ducks take a mean beating, both the canvas and the leather ranges that i own, they're able to withstand all weather conditions ... and they are easy to clean and manage.

    also, you have the advantage of carrying something that almost nobody else uses.

    their luggage is also very sturdy.

    i'd recommend this to anyone, and one reason why i like them is because no one uses them :smile:

    i'd say go for it.
  12. I went to one of their boutiques while visiting Spain and thought the quality was very good. My friend ended up buying a bag there and she likes it very much. Very subtle designs that would probably last a long time.
  13. I had a structured leather one that I wore every day for at least five years and carried until it wore out (the handle had to be repaired with electrical tape - that lasted me about an extra six months). Then I discovered BV...
  14. I ended up finally ordering from their website which seems improved - better photos and more descriptions in English. Apparently the info I got was wrong of\r they've changed their operations. You have to pay with paypal, the bags ship from Italy direct to you and come with a preprinted UPS label for returns to their warehouse in MI. Shipping is $15 and is done via UPS. It took 3 days from Italy to CA. I think you have 14 days to return. One item I ordered was out of stock and they sent an email and refunded me via paypal immediately. They were also able to change the shipping address for me and were very responsive to emails.

    The bag I wanted was out of stock but I did get a great wallet. It is a bit larger than i thought i would be but it has tons of space - it's about the size of a passport holder and is like a jumbo trifold wallet. It came in its own cardboard box with a dust bag and pamphlet. It was all packed very well and the outer box had tamper proof tape. I just wish I had ordered early enough to get that bag.
    mandarina duck wallet 2.jpg mandarina duck wallet.jpg
  15. nice buy.

    yeah the thing with md is their stuff is pretty limited. which is good and bad both ways, it just means you have to buy it when you see it ;D