Anniversary gift

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  1. it's really a stunner
  2. Happy Anni, I love it on you!
  3. Thank you! Diamonds are a girl's best friends. :smile:
  4. Ooh. I bet this is super sparkly in real life. congratulations on your new necklace and happy anniversary!
  5. Hi Bunny_in_love, I just saw this thread as I am new here. I saw your pendant and it is very pretty. Just bought the earrings recently as a mother’s gift. It sparkles like crazy. Pendant is on my wish list. I just love it.
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    Hi Bunny_in_love, do you mind posting a new mod shot of your cluster Victoria pendant or a new photo? I got the earrings (glad my SA found 1 in Australia) but for the pendant, she has to pre order it. Here is my cluster earrings... love it so much! And for the pendant, I am choosing between the classic victoria in medium which is readily available or order the cluster pendant. TIA

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