Anniversary gift

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Found myself in need of your kind advice.

    Looking for an anniversary gift with DH from David Yurman or Tiffany's. The choice has been narrowed to either buying something with Topaz & Diamonds from Yurman or smth of Platinum & Diamonds from Tiffany's.

    David Yurman Cable Wrap Earrings with Blue Topaz and Diamonds
    Tiffany's Victoria Cluster Pendant

    As Yurman is a much cheaper option but also less suitable for everyday wear (in my opinion), and the anniversary is not a round date or smth, I can't decide. I feel like getting the pendant is a better decision in long-term, what do you think? Or maybe there's something else you could advise to look at?

    Thank you very much in advance
  2. I prefer the tiffany pendant :smile: Good Luck!!!
  3. Pendant for sure. You can get earrings later on since the price point is so much lower.
  4. Definitely the pendant!
  5. Tiffany hands down
  6. Wow, that is convincing :smile: thank you ladies!

    I just hope the pendant is worth the money - I've heard some brands have very similar (probably copied) designs, but never saw them.
  7. Any more ideas on whether the pendant is worth the money? Would appreciate.
  8. I also vote for the pendant.

    But I also know that when I get a Tiff piece, it's because it's something I can't find elsewhere, or I don't think someone else can do it as well.

    You sound a little undecided. Tiffany has many beautiful pendants. I for one love their Atlas line and their keys.
    I also think the Victoria pendant is beautiful and worth the price. Sure you can find it elsewhere, but when I see it, my heart just stops and I automatically think Tiffany.

  9. Thank you! Well, a bit undecided, you're right.

    Also thought about the more classic Victoria pendant, but the cluster one seems to give more bling-bling, don't you think so? At the same time it's a bit "less Victoria", or it's just me?

    The more I think about it the more undecided I feel, but when I first tried it on it felt perfect. :sad:

    I have a mini Platinum Heart Key by the way. Maybe this is why I tend to pendants with bigger stones and less metal to have something different.
  10. If the brand is important the Tiffany. I think it is more classic.
  11. I also like the Tiffany and think you will get more wear out of it.
  12. Well, here we are - Victoria cluster pendant and I. 😍


    The SA thought they didn't have the cluster Victoria in stock (it turned out to be pre-ordered) and was trying hard to sell me the classic pendant instead. But when she found the cluster one and I tried both on, the she said now she knew what I meant, it has so much sparkle!

    Thank you, ladies, for your participation :smile:
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  13. It's gorgeous!
  14. Wow....This is beautiful!
  15. Stunning!
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