Am I too poor for Hèrmes?

Apr 13, 2015
I think you mean are you too poor to be a Hermes direct customer..... I completely understand the sentiment.... Hermes items are very pricy...... I buy many item on the pre-owned market. How many Birkins do you really need? I think you probably need only a few..... a friend who is worth over US$10m has 4. I am under US$1m and have 2. I don't think there is any rule..... but I would say 1 Birkin for every 1-3 million US$
I haven't looked at it exactly this way before, but it actually makes total sense to me and aligns with my thinking. When I bought my first super expensive designer handbag (Chanel back when it was 3k!), it was after I knew we had a significant net worth and savings. No way would it have even be something I considered if we were pay check to paycheck. Bs came years after. I have two Bs now, and the net worth of my designer collection continues to get more and more insignificant in proportion to our total net worth, even though my designer collection continues to grow. I know that by the grace of God, we are very blessed. For me personally, I don't want to be carrying bags worth 7-10k unless it's a very small percentage of our income/savings. That's just what luxury means to me, personally, an extra frivolous non-necessity to treat yourself with. When I put the net worth of my designer collection as a numerator and my total net worth as the denominator, I want that number to be .01 or less, so less than 1%. I think we're around that right now, but we have kids going to college soon so I know I am going to have to put a total halt to my luxury spending as that will cause a major dent in our savings.


Oct 30, 2017
*H bigwigs sneaking in Purseforum get their heads together to design an e-car in R Hermès and Vert Anis colourblock that smells like "24, Faubourg" and is outfitted in Barenia-covered seats* (Hey, one can dream, right?)

Also, a preloved Trim II 31 in mint condition goes for about 700 Euros these days ;)
oh my dear, our dream is not too far off:

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