Am I too poor for Hèrmes?

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  1. I have been a luxury buyer since I was in my teens. I’ve always been lucky to be able to buy what I want without worrying about prices/ having to save up. I’d never purchase anything if I could not buy it cash and be completely comfortable. I’ve recently started to be interested in Hèrmes. However, in perusing the Hèrmes thread, I feel as if there’s a reason it is difficult to get a Birkin or Kelly... do they only want to sell to extremely wealthy people? How much does one need to make to start shopping at Hermes? Does it even make sense to start a relationship with the brand if you’re not ready to drop 10k every couple months? Please advise!
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  2. I’d only buy something if you want it. I see a lot of people playing the Hermes game and buying things they don’t even like just to appease an SA. That’s not for me.
  3. Honest advice: Work your tail end off, save up everything you can and go to the secondhand market. I detest the Hermes game, personally, if for no one other reason that every store has their own rules to the game and you never know it. You can walk into one store with no purchase history and be laughed out. You can walk into another, mention the word Birkin and have one dropped at your feet.
  4. Thanks for the advice. To be perfectly honest, I’d never work my ass off to buy a luxury item. I am not independently wealthy, but could comfortably purchase a few Birkins this year. At the same time, I’m feeling like that’s not enough to even bother with Hèrmes? I’m not ready to spend 5k or so a month there but in reading the threads I feel like that’s what’s expected when you begin shopping there. I’m just wondering what the baseline economic status is to even enter the shop! Especially being in Toronto, where the expected spend seems to be high.
  5. You don’t have to spend that much. Read through the “maintaining a relationship thread” ... also if you can comfortably buy “a few birkins” this year, well then you are “wealthy” enough to buy 1.5 birkins ;) (+ or - some )
  6. +1
  7. Thanks for the clarity. I’m not trying to sound “wealthy”; as compared to many on this thread I’m not even close. I am just completely confused on the wealth required to shop there. xx
  8. If you're interested in items more than just B/K/Cs, I definitely think it's worth it to build a relationship. While money doesn't hurt, my experience has been that they're approachable to those who appreciate the house as much as anything else. The staff may first seem aloof, but I've found it's generally them not wanting to come off as pushy more than anything else. I honestly wish I'd realized H wasn't as intimidating as I thought they were much earlier.
  9. I think if you have enough disposable income to buy 3 birkins for example, then you have enough to buy a birkin. Most stores (not all) require you to spend Some before you become offered a quota bag. Most people say that number is along the lines of 1:1 ... sometimes higher or lowers depending on bag specs. So if you are comfortable buying some things you actually like at the store you are well on your way. Be nice, respectful and curteous,. That will get you a looong way. Find Someome you vibe with and that’s alll that matters
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    If you can comfortably purchase a few Birkins a year, then what are you concerning about? Don’t want to spend $5K or so a month but still wanting a Birkin (or Birkins)? Maybe looking into the resale route? There are many options just pick the one that makes you most comfortable.

    Please check out the following threads for some interesting answers how others (wealthy or not ) spending / funding their hermes additions.
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  11. I’m not rich, I had to save up for my dream bags. I didn’t know the price of BKC and couldn’t afford to play the 1:1 game. I took my time, found the right SA and finally got offered my dream bag. Good Luck!
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  12. It sounds to me you are comfortably able to afford Hermès. If you like their other items, like their fine jewelry or homeware etc, I’m sure you’ll have your Birkin or Kelly before you even know it :amuse:
  13. I don't know your current age, OP, but my two cents:

    Buy only what you like. I think showing genuine interest in the house and what they offer will get you much farther than buying things left and right in the hopes of being offered a kelly or birkin. Some people spend at least $5k or $10k before they are offered a bag. Others only buy three scarves and then get an offer. Some people say certain items don't count toward the quota, like leather goods (bags and wallets). Obviously, it would be pushy of you to ask a salesperson how you can be considered for a kelly/birkin.

    Another reason to buy what you like: Hermes return policy is 14 days and store credit, or at least in the US. Start with a twilly or twillon to familarize yourself with the brand.

    As for bags, my dream bag is actually the cinhetic (box) bag. I think what sets Hermes apart is their use of clear/pure colors. Sure there are some muted colors thrown in there, but not many luxury brands are producing vivid colors for bags and wallets. Chanel produces some bright colors but I don't find them as showstopping as Hermes... You really have to see it in person to fully appreciate the colors.
  14. I can only speak from personal experience at my home store at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Unless you are famous or a local established client, you will most likely not be offered a Birkin, Kelly or Constance. Maybe other stores are more generous with their offers, but I have seen so many people come and ask any SA for a B/K/C and be told that there are none. I have seen the same in Ala Moana in Honolulu. People will come into the store, approach any SA in the store and ask to see a B/K/C. Wealth is not the issue, if you are unknown to the store, you most likely will be out of luck.
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  15. I am working class and own 5 Birkins (2 of them are Special Order) 4 Kellys and 3 Constance, all purchased from the boutique. I’m am loyal to my SA and the brand, that’s why my offers keep on coming in. If you are worried about “wealth”, then you are already at a disadvantage. Be nice and courteous, it goes a long way.