Am I crazy or do you think this is normal?

  1. Normally, I always have my bag and inside is one of my big wallets AND an empty mono ludlow. Now my reasoning is that since im a guy it might look a little strange when im going grocery shopping with my whole bag and i have a weird feeling about using big wallets almost like a clutch so in these cases i throw my DL CC DC and cash in the ludlow so i can put it in my pocket. is that nuts or what?
  2. If thats how you like it, then thats cool! ;)

    I have a big coach wallet that I actually keep my frequent flyer card, health and car insurance cards in, photos and change, but my Id and CC's go in my cles.
  3. I don't think that's weird at all. Pretty good idea, actually.
  4. Sorry, this is all hard for me to picture lol. Do you have any pictures to demonstrate how this might look? From what I gather, it seems fine and probably looks good!
  5. Sounds fine to me! I'm a gal and I sometimes do the same when going to the grocery store. I like having my hands free for selecting items and don't have to worry about watching my bag in the cart at the same time. Whatever works for you...there are no rules! :smile:
  6. sounds good.
  7. Whatever works!
  8. I agree! If it works for you then go for it!
  9. Makes sense to me. If you like it, keep doing it :smile:
  10. Who wants to be normal? Just look who you are asking for think any of us could think normal? Normal is boring!! New creative solutions are much more exciting.
  11. actually i think its a good idea...i keep an empty cles in my bag and sometimes do the same with it.
  12. It makes sense to me. I swap money and cards into either my Tikal Pochette with Dragonne strap or a Cles if I don't want to take a bag nor carry a clutch in my hand, so the same kind of thing really. Plus of course it's an excuse to have another LV item! :graucho:
  13. I do the same!! But I'm also a girl, so I can see why you would feel strange. If you can rock it, then why not? :smile:
  14. OMG! I have found myself doing the same thing. Being a fashion savvy guy can be complicated especially when your in the company of people who "just don't get it". There are just times when I don't want a particular type of attention drawn to me. So don't feel bad. You're not alone.:tup:
  15. Do whatever is easiest for you...I have the big Zippy wallet so that never gets carried. When I go grocery shopping I put my bag in my truck and take my little wallet in with $ and cards. Too many people steal from bags left in shopping carts.