Alexander Wang Rocco duffle bag

  1. Where can it be ordered from now??
  2. ^^ I emailed Mick Margo yesterday and heard back from Nadine within a few hours..
  3. i just picked up my coco today at Barneys in manhattan. i preordered. they have a few available at the store but most of the coco's in their possession are pre orders. if you have access to a Barneys, definitely contact them. i'm trying to figure out how to post pics. will load them soon. the leather is lovely, my only gripr is that the bottom studding makes the bag on the heavy side but i guess that was to be expected.
  4. I'm so excited to see this bag! Does it look as good IRL as it does in pictures?
  5. it's finally out! cant wait to see pics!
  6. well right now i stuffed the bag with t shirts so that it's shape can come out. if you've ever purchased an awang item via a .com it usually comes in the awang ziploc bag. the coco duffel was no different.... it came smushed similar to LV speedys when you first purchase them. the shape is coming along. the leather is lovely but the studding is subtle from a side profile. i had a hard time trying to photograph the bag by itself to showcase the details that really make it special...

    here are the pics via flickr...
  7. congrats on getting the bag!!!

    looks absolutely awesome IRL as well!!

    can the handles fit over the shoulders?? we need modelling pic please!
  8. CONGRATS! :yahoo:
    i am still waiting for mine but can tell how much i will love it already!!!!
  9. I love it!
  10. what are the dimensions of the bag?? if i could only be sure of the dimensions i'd buy this bag right off..
  11. OMG I am going to burst,I need Mick Margo to send me it NOOOW,ahhh! Haha!
  12. If anyone is interested in the Coco mini duffle, it is being pre-sold at Shop Jake!!

  13. just called the store and the bags are in :yahoo:
    will hopefully receive it soon now

  14. what is the difference bewteen coco and coco mini??