About Louis Vuitton Leonor

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  1. Really? That's kinda cool :amuse: I saw recent photos of her, she looks just like her dad :love: Big Nirvana fan here :shame:

    I like the shape, I had never seen that bag before :biggrin:
  2. Here's the photo, and I agree, the resemblence is definitely there !! :blink:


  3. Like that Dior necklace you bought for $10 a week ago? :blink:
  4. Thanks for posting that! She really does look like him. I remember the photos of her when she was a baby. I feel old :shame: I used to love Courtney Love, I have so many Hole albums and older, rare imports. I was happy when she cleaned up her act around the Celebrity Skin era, but she's gone downhill from there :sad:

    Hmm. I like this bag in the monogram canvas, like Carmen Electra's, more than the MC. It's pretty! :love:
  5. Oh my gosh, time flys! I remember when she was just a toddler in one of the Nirvana videos (I forget which song) back in the 90's.

  6. LOL!! :nuts:
  7. Love The Leonor
  8. Is this still available in stores?
  9. How much does the Leonor costs? Does anybody know?
  10. I :love: the Leonor monogram, it is so feminine.