About Louis Vuitton Leonor

  1. How much does it costs, both multi and monogram canvas?
    And what do you think about the bag? Does it hold much stuff in it?:weird:
  2. I have the leonor and love it. I can fit my checkbook, long wallet, keys, cell phone and a few small items.
  3. it was a stupid and ugly shape.
  4. It's alright, I like Theda better. :P

  5. I like it. My friend has one and it always looks good when she carries it.
  6. I bet hers is a fake.
  7. It looks like it's tiny and would only hold essentials in it. It isn't my style but I think it looks quite cute on Carmen. And Lilli I bet your friend looks cute with it too.
  8. Yikes, someone is a little snippy today! :lol:

    I don't have it but to put my two cents in I think it is a beautiful bag.
    I love the "ruffle"
    It looks like it would hold a good bit for a smaller bag.
  9. i envy carmen, she has every bag i want
  10. Omg i love that bag.
  11. Think someone here is just looking for a reaction. Best to ignore I think.:wacko:
  12. I think the Lenor is lovely. I saw one on eBay recently from Let-trade, all the inside pictures made the bag look just as lovely as the outside.
  13. It's a gorgeous shape, it just kind of seemed to fade out though. Francis Bean Cobain has a MC leonor !
  14. I like the way it is not as common, its feminine and catches my eye when I see one (although I really dont' see them often!) :smile:
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