A Cartier Valentines Day

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  1. Stunning, congrats ! :heart:
  2. No, Not adjustable, They come in sizes and he knew my size from trying it on once when we were at the boutique!

    I love it so much more then I thought I would!! It made a fantastic Valentines gift! Can you tell im still really giddy about it?? :P
  3. awwww your hubby is a sweetheart!!
  4. C i know how long uve been wanting one!! CONGRATS!! ITS STUNNNNNING!! HONESTLY!
  5. Congrats - perfect V-day gift! I have the same one and was just as excited when DH gave me mine... enjoy!
  6. Very pretty! What a wonderful husband you have!
  7. Congrats!! Your DH is lovely, my DH got me one and I love it still!
  8. Very lovely! Congrats!!!
  9. Oh, that was really sweet! What a great thing for him to do to surprise you.

    Any wrist shots to show it off? :graucho:

    I didn't think we had a Cartier store in Tampa (we are neighbors).
  10. Congrats! What a lovely picture of your gorgeous bracelet....Please post some modeling shots!

  11. He got it from Orlando... ;)
  12. What a thoughtful DH! You are so lucky, hope you had a wonderful Valentines!
  13. Does your DH have a brother? Great present
  14. So beautiful!!! What a sweet dh you lucky girl!! Congrats!
  15. Don't you just love it when a DH does something like that. Even though they might not like it or agree with it, they do it anyway to make you happy. Just lovely :smile: xxx
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