A Cartier Valentines Day

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  1. I have the BEST DH in the WORLD!!! I have been wanting this bracelet for as long as I can remember!!! DH doesnt see the point in designer jewelry.. Paying so much more for the same amount of gold & diamonds etc.. I ofcourse have always bought it anyway but for HIM to buy it?? I was soooo shocked when he pulled out the Cartier bag!!! It's a LOVE Bracelet!!!! :yahoo: I am so happy right now!!! Not just about the bracelet but for him to purchase something so "overly priced" because he knows how much I love it and a total surprise too!!!

    Sooooo without further ado



  2. lucky girl!
  3. So beautiful! How did DH know what size? I am very happy for you. Did you get yellow gold or rose gold?
  4. thats a pretty bracelet! i want the same one =] you have a very thoughtful husband!
  5. Congrats.
  6. That's so sweet! And the flowers are quite lovely too!
  7. It's the yellow gold!! I wear all white gold except for a 2 tone right hand ring and I told DH before that I would want yellow so it stands out!!
  8. Oh wow! Congrats to you! It's such a beautiful piece. :heart:
  9. wow!! it's beautiful!! the whole spread is beautiful. you're so lucky. congratulations. one question - what is that "tool" in the box for? sorry, i don't know anything about cartier besides the name. thanks.
  10. what a thoughtful DH!

    it is a beautiful bracelet and i love that you mix metals! you are a lucky, lucky girl!
  11. congrats! by the way, the flowers are just beautiful. i see flowers all the time, but yours looks especially nice. the color really stands out.
  12. :tender: That is so sweet!!! I love the bracelet~ CONGRATS!!!!!
  13. awww,doesnt it make it even more special when you know they might not always get over how THEY feel about something(bags,jewelry,etc), BUT they know how YOU feel about it, and get it for you anyway....
  14. ^^ yes!!! He has learned to deal with my purse and makepup addiction but designer jewlery has been more difficult! I love it!! Thanks for the compliments ladies!!!
  15. Congrats! Beautiful bracelet and flowers!!! :nuts:
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