30th birthday present

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  1. I was fully prepared to prefer the TB but I think the T&co bracelet would look awesome with your Love
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  2. I love the tennis bracelet! I think it goes so well with the Love. Though I would definitely hunt around to get a better deal than the 2k you found so far.
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  3. I like the diamond tennis bracelet. If you would consider buying preowned, you can get a much larger one within your budget - mine is 3.30 carat in 18k white gold (and with lovely bright and white diamonds) and I spent less than £1k, although admittedly that was a total bargain that I think I was very lucky to find. I’m pretty sure you could get at least a 2 carat preowned, maybe more. However, if you do want to buy new I echo what others have said and that you could still get bigger for your budget, so I would shop around.
  4. Tennis bracelet. Love it
  5. I figure out the tennis bracelet from the Blue Nile. Really awesome. Recently I bought a Blue Apatite Beaded Bracelet from Jewelry1000.com, which provides top rated sterling silver jewelry at affordable prices. Really I like that very much.

  6. I Love to wear tennis bracelet, it's really awesome, I would like to suggest you pearl is the best for the birthday gift, Recently I was purchased one pearl ring from online Timeless Pearl, which is providing awesome pearl jewelry with affordable price.
  7. Out of designer purses, clothes, and jewelry my #1 most favorite purchase was my diamond tennis bracelet. I got it from Anjolee. It is timeless and it will always go with everything.
  8. I prefer the tennis bracelet! Tiffany is lovely but I think the tennis bracelet will be more timeless :smile:
  9. The Tiffany looks a little more substantial and more unusual. The tiny diamond bracelet doesn’t seem worth it. Save your money for a higher carat weight bracelet in the future.
  10. Happy birthday!!

    Go in and try on the micro. It is very fine. I love the look and was going to get myself one but found i would have to go with the next thickness up or a medium given how delicate it looks.
  11. Just wanted to update everyone on what I finally got! Neither of the above, but I got the Cartier love necklace with two diamonds!

  12. Happy birthday! Would love to see a mod shot
  13. [​IMG]

    Super blurry but hope this helps! One side says LOVE with the diamond the other side has he screw motifs.
  14. Congrats! I have the same in WG and I love it
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  15. I love diamonds so I would go with the tennis bracelets. These bracelets will go with every attire and will make your look extraordinary.