30th birthday present

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  1. Hi everyone, please give me your opinions on which bracelet I should get! I’m debating between the Tiffany micro link bracelet from their hard wear line or a 1ct tennis bracelet from Blue Nile. I plan to stack this with my RG plain love bangle for everyday wear. Both are approximately $2000. Other suggestions are welcome as well!

    Will be treating myself to this for my 30th. :smile:
    IMG_2647.jpg IMG_2691.jpg
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  2. Diamonds!!
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  3. I like the tiffany bracelet more
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  4. I like the diamond tennis bracelet best!
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  5. Thanks for the replies! I’m just a bit worried about the durability of the tennis bracelet. Do you think it’ll stack well with the love bracelet or just end up going under all the time?
  6. I vote for the tennisbracelet aswell. Timeless, never boring and will elevate everything you pair it with.

    I'm hoping to get one in the future so I might be slightly biased lol ;).
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  7. I like the diamond tennis bracelet.
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  8. What would be your ideal ct size for the bracelet? Given my current budget, this will only be 1 ct.
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  9. Do you have tiny wrists?
    Do you want the tennisbracelet to be the center of attention or more of a side-kick (that will complement maybe a wider one)?

    I think my ideal ct weight would be around 2 ct, but I'm not sure. I have teeny tiny wrists, so I can get away with a smaller one, and it would also be more proportionate on me. Want to add that I'm planning to wear it alone most of the time, just a little sparkle in my everyday life.
    We could all do with that imo :smile:.
  10. Yes, my wrists are 6 inches. You’re right, I think a little sparkle for everyday is more my style instead of something bigger. :smile:
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  11. If you're going to get a diamond tennis bracelet, get at least 2 ctw. If you get a diamond oval bangle, where the diamonds are always on top, you can get away with 1 ctw. This is because it will look like a 2 ctw if it had diamonds all around. The 1 ctw diamond bracelet is too delicate and thin. Have you tried any on? Go to a local jewelry store to get a feel for size. $2000 is a lot for a 1 ctw diamond tennis bracelet. You can get a 2 ctw for about $2600.

    From your post, I like the Tiffany one better, but will it go under your love bangle? Maybe a diamond bangle that is similar in shape to your love bangle would be the most comfortable. I hate it when my chain bracelet would go under parts of my watch. I didn't want it to scratch.

    HTH! Good luck with your search!
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  12. Thanks for the info about the tennis bracelet! I haven’t shopped around much for one so I didn’t realize that it’s actually a bit overpriced for 1ct.
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  13. Would like to add how excited I am for you!
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  14. I think a tennis bracelet would go better with your Love, but I like the Tiffany bracelet better. I’m no help, sorry
  15. Lmao, it’s definitely a hard decision. First world problems
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