2 good 2 B true - Cartier ?

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  1. Why didn't I know any of this before I walked into Cartier at Boca Town Center last year to buy my bangle bracelet? I didn't know Saks carried Cartier!
  2. you lucky americans!

    i have no SAKS and buy from Cartier.....
  3. I bought mine at the boutique not knowing about the Saks deal.

    but I also got the Cartier Red Card.. got pre-approved for $8,000.00 and got no finance charges for 12 months. I just finished my 12th month and paid it all off interest-free.

    So that is a reason to go with the Boutique.

    Not to mention you get invited to all the special events. The Holiday Party where I got to wear a $750,000 Canary Diamond Necklace and other events. I got invited to the Cartier Mansion on 5th Avenue for the 100th Anniversary in America Event in May. Was amazing. Food and Champagne all night.
  4. The boutique does offer 12-month interest free but there is a low minimum monthly payment. The Saks major purchase card has 12-month interest free and ZERO minimum payment. But the Cartier's red card payment is so low that it isn't a deal-breaker. The event invitations are nice but I think those are held in NY. They also send you a gift such as beautiful red note cards in a magnificent Cartier keepsake box.
  5. exactly, plus you get reward cards back at the end of year! I'm stuck in middle of nowhere in TX, so the invite is pretty much useless to me lol.

    Now you know the insider trick lol :graucho:
  6. Thanks for this info!!! Chicago tax is like 10.5%, so this means something like $500 saved for my sweetie!
  7. wow, 10.5%?? I thought 8.25% is bad :faint: Glad this little trick is about to save you 500 (200 more for a Charity bracelet lol), pm if you need a good Saks SA to help you :flowers: