2 good 2 B true - Cartier ?

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  1. Please enlighten me!
    I've been obsessed with getting the YG Love bangle since I purchased the RG Love cuff in Oct 2008. But I had some distractions during the last year.
    Anyway, I've learned on numerous occassions from the experts on TPF that you can save on sales tax and earn Saks money (rewards type double point promo) if you have it shipped from one of the two locations that sell them. So WHY would anyone walk into Cartier and pay sales tax and not get at least a $450 bonus reward rather than just having it shipped? Am I missing something? My SA will give a small gift for approx $350 value but will not waive the tax. So why does anyone buy these bracelets in boutique? Do that many people overpay for convenience or do they just not know about the Saks deals? Thanks for all your comments!
  2. ^ u already know my answer:P But i guess most people like the boutique treatment and am not aware of Sak's unique tax standard-I only knew b/c of PF! Plus most gents I know of, when they want something, they want it NOW, forget about s&h or GC (not everyone love Saks lol). Just my 2 cents :flowers:
  3. I just find it fascinating that people will overpay for the experience. I do understand the "guy" thing about wanting it now. And it does involve a little more work to order something and wait. But unless $ is no issue to you in these hard times, I just don't get how people will not take advantage of saving tax and reward money back. I could easier understand if the reward money was negligible or "chump change" but it is a decent amount. One could purchase a designer accessory or something or a Christmas gift. I also don't understand how the SAs and managers in the Cartier boutiques do not know about this. You would think that if a potential customer brought it to their attention, perhaps they would offer something in addition to little gift. I'm thinking of a small % off that would equate the tax added on. They do give a % off on all watches but as far as I know, they NEVER take anything off the bracelets. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to overpay for the "experience"? Meanwhile, I'm counting the days (or weeks) until I finally get my YG bangle! Then I will have nothing else to write or obsess about. LOL!
  4. You're right Classic Chic - not everyone loves Saks or wants to open a Major Purchase Account. People do all kinds of tricks to save on cars, computers, etc. I guess it depends how much time you have and how much you want to be bothered.
  5. I am keeping my ears and eyes open on the next good promo :yes: Another thing is the sales commission factor on local SA-they don't want you to know about the trick, so you can keep buying from them, especially during a soft market. I shop exclusively with only one SA in Saks for few years, and am just now getting comfortable to ask her order from out of state for me instead of using the locater (internal transfer from other state to her, she can keep full commission and I get dinged on tax for buying local lol), knowing she will have to split the commission w/another SA. But as you point out on the savings, my SA still appreciate me going to her w/this request; it's better to get some than zero commission.
  6. ^ or maybe some people have a Cartier Credit Card and dont want to deal w/ Saks or NM cards.
  7. I have both but I can understand not wanting to open a new account. I called the Short Hills store today. Last week, an SA hinted about a "plan" in the works for the holiday. Today's SA knew nothing about it. I'm figuring out now which would be the best month to make this purchase!
  8. I am one of those that will pay at the boutique. I refuse to sign up for credit cards and I do enjoy the boutique experience. I only have one Cartier piece and chances are I will only be getting a few more in my lifetime. I want each one to be special.
  9. I'm such a hypocrite! I'm leaning towards the boutique experience too. I'm a little nervous of the hassle of having it shipped, having to sign for it, not being able to examine it first, etc. The other night, it was all about saving sales tax and rewards money. But if there is a problem such as a scratch or something upon delivery, it can be a headache/hassle. After looking at finances today, I won't be getting this until very late Dec. at the earliest. So I have a lot of time to think about it. The only thing I know for sure is NO EBAY!
  10. lol, I'm with you on the scratch part, so it's being ship to my local Saks. I will open it w/my SA, so if the bracelet isn't in pristine condition, she'll be my witness and request an exchange.
  11. This is what I have gathered from SA's in both Sak's and the Cartier boutique, so the only reason you will not pay tax at Sak's is if you live outside Miami, Florida because as long as the Sak's in your state does not have a Cartier boutique in it they can not charge you tax because the Cariter boutiques that you see inside Sak's or Neimans are leasing the space from the store they are in, so that 's why if you order anything else for example cosemtics or a handbag they will charge you tax (unless your state has no Sak's) so it's not like they can waive tax on everything this is also true for the actual Cartier boutique, if you live in a state that has no Cartier store at all and you call to order from one out of state they have to waive the tax becuase your entire state has no Cariter store...

    Hope this helps, and I personally know my DH purchased my Love Bangle with a Visa card from Sak's and they waived the shipping because we do not live in Florida and the Sak's in our state does not have any Cartier boutique/counter in them, we also got a $450 giftcard from Sak's becuase he purchased it when they had the "Spend some get Some" event going on which happens once a month usually, good luck Hoka I know u really want one hope u get it soon!
  12. Sorry almost forgot to add that we purchased it from Sak's because the bottom line is that the "goods" are still 100% Cartier so who wouldn't want a savings like that! Because as much as I luv my bracelet we all know they are extremely over priced so a lil' savings in my opinion is AWESOME!
  13. Thanks again Sprinkles&Bling - I know we spoke about this several times. So does the Saks in Miami ship it to the local Saks in your town and you pick it up there? Or do they ship directly to your home?
  14. They actually shipped it to us but I'm sure if you want they can ship it to the store so you can pick up, good luck :smile:
  15. ^I was given both options about sending it to local store or personal address.