YOOX Coupon Codes

  1. Says invalid code. Although, I did try it after 8 am EST (New York time). Wish they extended this code for a little longer.
  2. Since when they start to collect Sale Tax? I haven't buy from them for few months and I was unpleasantly surprised to find out that they charge me for tax now. bummer!

    Billing Information and Sales Tax
    Sales Tax is applied to orders shipped to the States of New Jersey, New York, Colorado, California, North Carolina, Illinois, Connecticut, Arkansas, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, in compliance with the current Sales Tax policy.
  3. I'm in California and I hadn't been charged in the past. But California will be charging tax for online orders for Amazon and it's just a matter of time I think before we pay tax on all Internet orders.
  4. Yoox hasn't changed its policy, Yoox is just enforcing your state's sales tax law. States' sales tax laws vary state to state, and states have recently been expanding their tax laws to apply to online retailers.

    In the past, a state would only require a store to charge sales tax in a particular state if that store had physical presence (i.e., a physical store, warehouse, etc.) in that state. Recent legislation in a bunch of states have expanded this requirement so that even if there is no physical presence in the state, the state can still require that a store collect sales tax from its customers (based on things like if the company has an affiliate in the state, economic presence, etc.).

    Lots of legislation on this in the past couple years. I agree - I wouldn't be surprised if everyone has to pay sales tax on all internet orders pretty soon!
  5. ^^^ Thank you for clarification:smile:
  6. quite often, maybe once or twice a month and then nothing for two months in a row, there is no consistency or schedule for it, I think. Usually they have codes for all the big holidays, their own anniversaries, whenever Yoox promotes certain designers and sometimes for no apparent reason at all.
  7. 10% off kidswear + free shipping, only valid today, code: kids@yoox, enjoy!
  8. any new code?
  9. On the Hautelook Armani sale today, the items say "Cannot be shipped to California". Wierd but true. The really strange thing is that Hautelook already charges tax for California so I don't get it.
  10. Today I got an 80% off email from Yoox for spring/summer.

    When is the sample sale... September, right?
  11. IT's hardly see an item 80% off :smile: just like last season.
  12. no more free shipping :sad:
  13. 10% off on Fall/Winter 2012-2013 valid through 27th August for thecorner.com

  14. Amazon's deal with California is to begin charging sales tax in Sept. California also has some uniques laws regarding shipping of certain items. Items made from python cannot be shipped to California. Also there are stringent rules on lead content, I believe it's Prop 65 that states that lead content must be disclosed on items shipping to CA.
  15. try VISAFS@YOOX for Free Shipping.