Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold? Single color for your stack? Or do you mix and match?

My wedding set is WG so I tend to wear my white metals on my left hand/wrist and YG on my right hand/wrist. My new fave is RG, I feel it pairs well with WG and YG. So I wear RG on both sides. I usually don’t like mixing WG and YG; on my skin tone, those two next to each other look odd.
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I LOVE the look of your bracelets against your tattoo!!

Thank you that's very kind of you. I know it's not to everybody's taste. I love luxury jewellery but also alternative clothing and tattoos so most people never notice my jewellery or assume it's cheap I guess. I get funny looks going into jewellers as I think they think I'm going to rob them. I dress down 99% of the time and forget how I look walking into high end stores
I mix metal,
Current wear Wedding set are in YG, Love stud earrings in YG, Clash Necklace is in RG, Love Bracelet YG,Sm Juc YG and Cartier watch is SS but changed sometime in YG/SS watch other Brand .
I mix metals too. Which other watch do you wear?
Is Just not thing high end,
TAG Heuer, Yg/Ss with 0.56 diamond. Got it for 11 years.wish I have bought rolex years ago, now are so hard To get hand on it.
At the moment am happy for now.
Attached photos below with my tini watches collection.


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I wear RG and YG together on one arm/hand and WG and SS Rolex together on the other arm/hand. I wear any color earrings that I’m feeling that day and I wear YG VCA necklace daily. I love mixing metals!
Looking to buy the cartier love ring with 1 diamond. All of my currenr jewellry is white gold (wedding band and ring). Wondering if others mix and match colours or just go with white gold. I wear my rings everyday.
People mix and match metals all the time. I personally love the look of mixing metals. My wedding rings were WG, and my watch is SS, and my other rings are YG, and I wore them all together everyday. Now I don't wear my wedding rings since my husband has passed, but I still wear my SS Rolex and YG rings. Maybe try YG or RG to mix it up.
I don’t mind mixing metals if it’s done right.

But I like to only wear YG and mix it up with cords or beads or other fun colors “cheap” bracelets. Specially in spring/summer.