Who's ready for a Quicky?

  1. :sweatdrop:
  2. Yes! Virtual bills are being waved!
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    My kids are yelling for me to watch a movie with them! They think I'm crazy cause I'm waiting for a purse reveal! Teenage boys don't understand purses! Lol
  4. Waiting..............
  5. We want reveal! We want reveal! We want reveal! We want reveal!
  6. I'm here! Let's see! :smile:
  7. I found the perfect watch I went to Nordstrom and thinking to get a MK since I have the tortoise watch that I enjoy:smile: but nothing catch my eye so I left nordys and went to the Coach outlet...and this is my new watch:smile:
    20140217_042357-1.jpg 20140217_043250-1.jpg
  8. :snack::snack::snack:
  9. Now that's a watch! Wow!
  10. Nice watch..
  11. Pretty! We want more!
  12. very nice ;)
  13. Beautiful! I love the face.
  14. OMG - your reason for editing!! :giggles:
  15. :Bring on the Bag!!! :graucho: