Who's in your passenger seat?

  1. Thank you!
  2. Making her debuts. Saddle rogue.

  3. My new-to-me vintage Sheridan Durham... perfect little size for a quick shopping trip! IMG_1492470176.512135.jpg
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  4. What size is this beauty?
  5. 36. The big guy.
  6. This beauty IMG_1492951180.314204.jpg
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  8. Elegant! Does she hold much, I can't tell from pic?
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  9. Cute bag! I like the fabric behind her, too!
  10. Looks like a Madison patent Sabrina.
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  11. It's adorable how the little characters pop, against all the black!
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  12. Thx! (was before my Coach time).
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  13. Madison large Sabrina purple
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  14. I love oldies but goodies like this one.