Whitney anyone?

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  1. I really like it. I dont think it matters what you wear with it as long as you like it.
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  2. I was able to order a whitney shoulder bag in the colour bronze when it was on sale - but I am so hesitant about the colour - the bag is really soft and plush, but wondering if the bronze colour will fade over time. Anyone have a shiny MK bag?
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  3. That color is so gorgeous! Congratulations on your find and the sale price! I saw the bronze in store early in the season but it sold out very quickly that I didn’t get inspect the leather to have an opinion on how it might wear.

    I say enjoy the bag often but be careful with it until you see what affects the leather. Store it out of the sunlight. MK changes up its leathers a lot so it’s difficult to know how time affects each. Ultimately I bet most eventual color changes would only be noticeable up close by you.

    Use it and you will probably be impressed how well it holds up under normal use. If you don’t use it, you can only be disappointed with how poorly it held up without being used.
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  4. Finally got my Whitney! I just new it would go on sale!
    Apparently limited edition-only 1000 made :heart: IMG_7940.JPG
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  5. I have the medium Whitney satchel in black and love it.

    It’s so light weight and fits my essentials without trouble it’s the perfect bag to go out at day or night. It can be an everyday bag too if you don’t need to carry an iPad or laptop in it.