Which Chanel bags are still worth it?


May 25, 2023
Given the hefty price tag for Chanel bags now, which bags do you think are still worth it? Would love to hear some thoughts on it!
Personally, I think bags like the coco handle, seasonal caviar flap bags and maybe the Chanel 19 are still good buys. I still want to continue purchasing more Chanel and wondering if there are bags I'm overlooking.
I would recommend the Coco handle!


Jan 9, 2021
I would say the trendy cc is a good value for 2 reasons:

1. The quality seems to be a notch above many other Chanel bags being produced today

2. Compared to other bags the price increases for the Trendy CC haven’t been nearly as severe as many other chanel bags. I believe the bag retailed for $5100 when it was introduced in 2014. Today it is $6900 - so that’s a 35% increase in 9 years. Compared to a medium classic flap, which I believe jumped from $4900 to $10,200 in the same time frame (a more than 100% rise).