Where is Tory Burch made?

  1. i would not be surprised if the soles of the shoes were "made in brazil", but they were then shipped off to china for construction and stitching.
  2. Hope I won't be offending anyone, as I am not defending the high prices and "seemingly" low quality of designer brands nor am I justifying for anything. BUT, over the years of studying retail merchandising and working in luxury retail, there are a few things I may be able to share...

    The hardware comes from China, but I know for SURE the leather is brazilian leather, as it also states so inside the shoes. Approximately 75% of designer goods nowadays get their hardware from Asia (vietnam, china, indonesia, hong kong, etc) to try to cut down cost and try to give consumers the lowest price possible. I know that a lot of these designer goods out there really seem like a rip off when you try to imagine how much it REALLY cost the designers/company to make these products, but bear in mind that the price of each merchandise also includes the cost of advertising, brand management, marketing, PR, monthly operational expenses, etc for the brands. There is a reason why Louis Vuitton zip around wallets are around $650-$800 when they are being made in France. A Michael by Michael Kors or a Marc by Marc Jacob wallet which cost $98-$198 which is made in China may seem like a rip off because you can find other made in china wallets for less than $20, but you are in the end paying for the designer's name, the style itself, and all the costs that made that brand interest you. I have a Dior wallet in which the hardware came apart in less than 6 months, the leather is no doubt European, but the hardware is China, for sure. Same as the rhinestones on my Stella McCartney heels, and the casing on all Premium Designer cosmetics. It's just impossible to offer "the best of the best" quality at a low price nowadays, especially when many luxury retail companies are in debt or barely making their sales goals.

    I recently purchased my first Chanel classic flap and paid over $2500 for it, which is the most I have ever spent on a bag. I love it for the fact that it is made in France, has a great durable caviar leather, beautiful hardware, etc. HOWEVER, I am not at the point in life where I can afford to pay thousands of dollars for every handbag I like. It's nice to be able to find some handbags around $500 that are designer and maybe they are made in China but I honestly don't have a problem with that as long as the style is still amazing and the leather isn't horrible. Just my friendly opinion :smile:
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  3. I have a pair of TB gladiator sandals and they are made in Brazil. I have a sweater that says made in China :sad: It was almost $300!!!
  4. High end designers and mid-range designers all use China to help manufacture their products. They may pay PREMIUM price for fabrication in USA or Europe, then bring it to China and negotiate manufacturing costs. It's highly misunderstood by most people because made in china does not mean that the materials are all from China. The material that is made in USA or France CAN be the same material that is made in China (though not always). Though I myself PREFER to see a "made in france" or "made in italy" label/tag, I KNOW for a fact that I simply cannot afford so many of those luxury things at this moment. If I want just a simple costume jewelry made by Kate Spade, it won't cost me an arm and a leg. And yes, it will be made in China, but I should be HAPPY to know that because otherwise, instead of paying $200 for the necklace or getting it on sale at Nordstrom for $80, I would be paying $800+ for costume jewelry made in Europe or USA.
  5. Hi. Some Tory Burch handbags are made in China. The factory is just behind our house, i can see it from our window, can see employees going in and out. I have visited the factory and looked some of their finished product. Can't believe i am just few steps away from this factory.
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  6. Bebzkie ... ure so lucky I would probably go there every other day just to look and watch...
  7. I got the Nylon Mini Tote as a gift last year from my relative.
    They got it while traveling in Tokyo last year from Shinjuku's Isetan Department Store.
    They say it's actually cheaper because of how Japan manufactures their own branded bags (similar to Burberry's Blue Label).
    I really don't know if this is true, but i guess it's possible =D
  8. And the Tory Burch from Isetan Department store actually provides their own Guarantee Card with dates and location of purchase. which is pretty cool i think !
  9. All of my Tory shoes are "made in Brazil" but my Tory wallet is "made in china" :wondering
  10. My TB sandals are made in China...
  11. I was at the store yesterday and was looking at the handbags/wallets..made in china. Bought coin pouch...made in china.
  12. as far as i know many of their bags are made in china
  13. 90% of their items are made in china, which kinda puts me off. but I was told by a friend that even though they are made there, their productions are supervised by the head-quarter so the quality shouldn't be that bad
  14. For me, knowing where something is made and that workers are treated well, have a safe environment to create, and can that the company contributes to the local community is what matters.

    That is so cool. This kind of fine detail work can be crafted anywhere in the world, but you are so lucky as to get to watch. That is so cool.

  15. wow.. lucky you! :smile::cool: