What’s on your for-sure, longterm jewelry wishlist?


Jan 26, 2017
Pictures of one of the things I’ve crossed off my list. Pink diamonds!

I got them because the Argyle mine closed, so I think of it more as an “investment.” A larger pink was out of my budget. Either way, I think this is the perfect size for everyday wear and doesn’t look too much like an engagement ring.

Both are from Tiffany. A fancy intense pink diamond Novo ring, and a full circle fancy pink diamond Soleste band.

View attachment 5032929

View attachment 5032930
Hi! Your set is gorgeous! I didn't know tiffany had colored diamond bands. I heard the same thing about the Argyle Mine when I was looking at yellow diamonds lately. Do you think it truly means there will be no further stock apart from what they currently have in the near future?