What Perfume Are You Wearing Today?

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  1. Chanel Venise, I like that it's a little poudry but still fresh
  2. Well..Im not One to Kiss and Tell but the Perfumes Im rocking 2day is tendre Poison by of course ya girlz.. Favoruite DIOR, My auntie Had This lying on her boudoir u know some BOUGIE girl stuff and she Had Gifted this 2me cus she don use it anymo
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  3. NEST- Cocoa Woods
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    Estee Lauder Jasmine White Moss: This has a beautiful non-indolic jasmine note in it, which I love. I don't think this perfume contains real oakmoss, but overall, it smells pretty good to my nose.
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  5. Narciso Rodriguez Poudree
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  6. Jo Malone English pear and freesia
  7. Lancome Tresor In Love
  8. Atkinsons - The Big Bad Cedar.

    Kind regards,
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  9. Quite Bizarre...
  10. Guerlain- La Petite Robe Noir
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  11. The style of that copy is part of the company's branding. The Nasomatto fragrances that I know are edgy and definitely not for everyone. (The same goes for its sister brand, Orto Parisi--maybe even more so.) They are not for people with common taste who want to smell like any fruity or pretty flower thing that you can get at Sephora. Some of the Nasomattos and Orto Parisis that I've sampled were really great.
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  12. Amouage Imitation for Man

  13. Ima keep it real w y'all..today I had done Missplaced one of my wigs so..I was looking in my closet and There i c my old old OLD bottle of that GUD queen latifah perfume y'all know what im talking about..that boozy vanilla smellin like luxuriousness but one a DIME cant believe I had done did forgotten about this frag..even after all these years it still smell so good..i think it called queen of hearts or smnth