What is your Spirit Purse?

May 17, 2006
Mine would be the Louboutin Paloma in the black/red/leopard combo. At first glance, if you only see if from the front, it's fairly neutral and blends in. But from the side, it has all these details you might not have expected - red accent, leopard sides, studs! I once said I feel like the Paloma is me as a person in bag form.

On a slightly different note, the matte black Lady Dior or the YSL LouLou in black w/black hardware would be my aspirational spirit bags. Classic, classy, and elegant, but with a hit of edginess. I don’t really think of myself as elegant now, but I certainly would love to get there one day! (Would also love to own either of both of these bags!)


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May 23, 2015
My spirit purse it is a vintage nylon backpack from Prada in black (from the 90s) that I own:
Indestructible, pragmatically, reliable, simple classic,
can adapt to any (fashionable) situation
and is not flashy and not fancy...nevertheless kinda cool :biggrin: