What is your last Hermes purchase?

  1. Congrats! Very nice color and love the twilly too!

    love love love the colors! What color is your k? Is the jige rose azalea?
  2. The K is blue atoll and jige is rose azalea.
  3. Absolutely gorgeous
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  4. Gorgeous spring colors!
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  5. Really pretty colors! Perfect for spring!
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  6. Beautiful! Congratulations
  7. Gorgeous H! Congratulations
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  8. Beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!!
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  9. I know I didn't keep my words...
    Got offer this B from the store couldn't resist
    Now I really need to behave
  10. Bag twins!!! I love malachite!!!!!
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  11. Super CUTE!! Love the combination with GHW. Congratulations!!
  12. image.jpeg
    Triplets!! So in love with this beauty! B30 in Togo, Ghw! Shows how well malachite goes with bright pink! Congrats to us all!
  13. This is such a beautiful picture!!!! I finally get when people say ajes the heart sing"...my heart skips a beat every time with this bag!!
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  14. @mylilsnowy Your K is stunning! My HG color and hardware combo. May i ask how long have you waited for this combo? Thank you!! :heart:
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  15. Thank you:flowers: I waited for 2 weeks.