What HG brand name earrings would you purchase for 15k?

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  1. I would also vote for VCA vintage pave or pave Frivole for a HG branded pair of earrings, although I already have studs. I plan to collect a few pair of VCA earrings because I do believe they are iconic, heirloom worthy, and certainly hold value well if one decides to sell. I may get one of the pave pairs, but I want some yg and wg magic and frivole for daily wear.
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  2. I recently purchased the Cartier Galanterie earrings. I think they can be dressed up and down. They are diamonds, in an art deco design.
    I was looking at those, a pair of the tiffany Victoria or getting custom made 1ct each side emerald cut diamonds.
    The tiffany Victoria I liked but didn't love (I love them on other people though haha). Once I tried on the galanterie I was in love. If you want a brand name, something that is a little different from solitaire studs it might be worth trying on.
    Maybe have a look at diamond solitaire earrings that aren't the usual round brilliant - emerald, ascher, pear, oval, cushion, princess... they might make it a little more interesting for you if youre worried it will be boring. you can always get earring jackets etc made to fit on them.

    wishing you the best of luck :smile:

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  3. I would purchase the pave frivole earrings too! They are amazing. On my wishlist.
  4. B62F00C7-A5FA-4CD0-8860-40DCBCC7844D.jpeg
    You ask, you shall receive!:idea:
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  5. Very lovely!

    I almost got those earrings but I just got the dangly ones in pink diamond and wasn't sure it was okay to have basically the same design across two pairs. Still thinking about them though...
  6. My vote goes to VCA vintage alhambra diamond earrings in white gold - my HGs for sure :smile:
  7. The best philosophy
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  9. I will say that I love my current diamond studs. They are each slightly over 1 carat each, F-G VS1 with a particularly lovely cut in a 3-prong platinum, martini setting. They sparkle like mad. And I can wear them with everything. I have tiny earlobes, so I have problems with finding earrings that fit well and don’t droop.
    FYI, if you have difficult lobes, Graff earrings fit really well.

    There's a place in my jewelry box for more decorative options such as the Graff.
    I also lust after VCA Lotus and Pave Frivoles too.
  10. Thank you for putting what I felt into words! I couldn't really articulate WHY I was hesitant with studs. Your comment helps put things into perspective for me.
  11. Oh geez! Are you trying to start another brand I need to lust over? :smile: :smile: I'm going to start looking at Graff now as well. I had heard about Graff years ago, but I just didn't know what jewelry from theirs I should be focusing on. Thanks for the direction!
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  12. Thanks for your reply!! Would you consider them over the Tiffany Victoria? I'm close to getting a pair of those :smile:
  13. That set is truly drool worthy! Absolutely gorgeous and so unique! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing in this thread!!
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  14. Thanks very much for your thoughtful response. I actually was thinking about those Cartier earrings as well. I do think they are iconic and very unique! Sigh, more things to desire now :smile: Of course.....modeling shots of those Cartier babies would be awesome ;)
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