What Handbag/Purse Are You Carrying Today?!


Apr 4, 2018
Lovely combo! :tup:
I bought it because i needed a lightweight crossbody that would fit my sunglasses, phone, wallet, small pouch, keys and cleenex, and that I could use for travelling, And running errands and going to the park with my girls. Plus I didn’t have a black bag yet (I’m saving to get a black fendi by the way medium to be my “nice” black bag)
Happy to hear that your bag is still up and running! Bimba is quite popular in Spain since it is from here. It’s what posh girls get their first “nice bag” from... like a gateaway drug to fancier bags lol And then there’s moms who need a durable bag that is chic and minimal
That's exactly what it was for me, a gateway :yes::lol:
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