What do you guys think about a C de Cartier necklace? Is it worth the money for a 0.25 carat diamond?


Oct 23, 2015
I’ve had the large legeres on my list for a bit but now I’m thinking I need to investigate this instead as I wasn’t 100%. Does anyone know if the price jump for a similar sized stone is substantial for this setting vs the legeres ?


Jun 7, 2006
There is a price jump at 1 carat.
BIG price jump at 1 carat. Was just there and tried on a few sizes. Like a derp (too many shiny objects to admire) I didn't take photos as I had promised!!! In any case, I tried a .65 and a 1.02. I was looking for something larger than my legeres, and relatively balanced with my 2.2ctw studs. The .65 didn't really look substantial enough (was fine without my studs), and the 1.02 was gorgeous! I didn't experience any flipping, etc. The price of the 1.02 was about $22K. The .65 around $8K. I asked for something closer to but less than 1ct and the SA said that Cartier is trying to be very deliberate with their sizing categories....if you want bigger you can't squeak in at under 1ct. Price increases significantly at 1ct as is standard in the diamond industry.