What are jewelry essentials that would complete your collection?


Jul 16, 2009
This is a great posting.

I think ladies need the following in a balanced collection:-

1) an e-ring (at least 1ct)
2) a wedding ring - simple white gold band is fine
3) a right hand diamond solitare ring - this can be the 1st e-ring before the 1ct replacement. should be at least .5 ct
4) another fun diamond ring

1) set of diamond solitares (1ct total weight mim - so .5ct each ear)
2) set of south sea pearl big ear rings for formal wear
* having a good sets of the above is all a lady really needs! Quality NOT Quantity!

1) strand of quality south sea pearls
2) strand of quality fresh water pearls (for less formal occassions)
3) gold necklace with diamond solitare (say 0.7ct size or larger)
4) 18K gold necklace - chunky

1) rolex gold president (for formal occassions)
2) two tone rolex for everyday wear
3) solid gold cartier watch on a leather strap (for a change from the rolex president - ie. when on a cruise ship)
* 3 quality watches is all a lady needs - this will cover all occassions. Much cheaper to have 3 quaility pieces instead of 10 average pieces

1) something antique with diamonds
2) something in 2 tones of gold - white gold and yellow gold (this allows the 2 tone rolex to be worn and mixed with single color gold)

only need a quality watch and a wedding band.