Style Veneta/Belly Veneta - PICS ONLY!!!


Dec 19, 2008
Large Limo Veneta (from S/S 2007) and Large Uluru Red Mosaico Veneta (from F/W 2009)



May 20, 2008
In the sun
Intreccio Plisse in Ink/China from FW 2010 details and pix courtesy of bryan

- A special matte/shiny contrasting effect is created thanks to two different materials: the base is in Nappa and the fettuccia plisse in Padova (goat skin); Nappa is in Ink and Padova is in China.
- The weave combines two different types of strips: traditional intrecciato and plisse strips.
- Movement is due to alternating little please and plain parts.
- Panels are initially woven with pleated strips, following a specific design and then completed with the regular fettuce.
- This workmanship needs a lot of leather because of all the pleats: depending on size, 10 to 20 meters of Fettuccia Plisse is required.

The Ink/China Intreccio Plisse Veneta is only available in the Medium size in the US.